Saturday, October 2, 2010

School is back, totally!

I thought that I should write something on my blog again, because there is really some lack of information here.

As all of you may know school has started one month ago. Yep the old time sucking "friend" has come back. But this year there is a big difference. This year we actually do interesting computer related stuff like programming, databases (which I never really liked, but hey), in-depth networking in Linux (interesting stuff here) and we are going to have some web building with php. We also get "a lot" of homework at these classes. "A lot" in the meaning from last years nothing. I really like the programming exercises because I can train some older lessons that I nowadays don't really use a lot. But all of this may be an overkill for my schoolmates because we haven't done any programming last year... well just a little bit but it's not worth mentioning. Well, this year is going to be interesting.

Now to some game development. First I have to say that I am disappointed because I didn't made anything in the holidays no matter how much I was saying that I will. Only JAHP was completed but that was an old project. I really hope that I will get something started but I won't promise anything. I think I am in some kind of total creativity stop and laziness attack for quite some time now.

Some other info: I quit Facebook. That thing drains too much time and I really can't stand all the posting everyone does how he is going to go on a toilet.... So the only thing left is Twitter, which I recommend to check more because I post more current info on what I am doing. Post on the blog are only for bigger things.

And I also made a new new site. Something totally not made by me. But just had a nice feel so I made something in 5 minutes. Here it is: site

Well that is all for now. I need to post some pictures here to make the blog more interesting.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I now have a "site"

Hello there. A small update here, I made a website. A portofolio website to be precise. You know, a really simple site with some description about me and al the games I have done till now... and yea  link to this blog. 

I made the site using Google Sites builder. The site is also hosted there. I could have tried some html but I don't really mind. All of the "art" on the site is done by me.

Here is the link:

I won't use a domain for the site, because I will only have it in some links so that people don't get directly redirected here to my blog where I write about how lazy I am :D

I hope I will release something soon, and for thoose 11 games I promies till end of September... well, you could say that I won't make it, TOTALY. But I hope that I make atleast someting.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some info and...

LAN party this weekend. I just got the info yesterday, and if you don't know LD is also this weekend. To be more precise it starts and ends the same time as the LAN party. So IDK how this LD game will be BUT I will make something for the competition. It will be done between breaks but I am confident that I can get something done, somehow. I will also record the whole weekend, so you will be able to watch a timelapse of me playing games 80% of the time.

Oh yea, I am back from vacations :D

I was planing a Snake remake with more fun gameplay for this week but I don't know if I will make it till tomorrow. That means that I will move it to the next week and this weeks game will be whatever comes out of LD.

I hope you don't mind that.

I am also buying an Android phone (LG Optimus/Swift). I took a look on how to develop stuff for that platform using the NDK. I hope I will be able to make something for the phone.

That's all for this week. I will post something after the weekend. 


Friday, August 6, 2010

JAHP - released

And the game released this Friday is: JAHP!

Yes the game I was working on way back. I have chosen to complete it, and here it is.

JAHP in action

JAHP is a "short" hard platformer game. I made it because I like games like (Super) Meat Boy, Jumper series and F(l)ail.

I recommend reading the README before playing. Use A,W,D to move and space as "enter". The game gets really really hard and I don't think someone will take his time to complete it. There are 32 levels to play through and 3 medals per level. The medals don't do anything, it's just to compare your time with mine. I played through all the levels many times, all are beatable.

Made in C++ using OpenGL, SDL and Fmod. The game could be much more better but I am not a level designer so this is all I was able to make :D

I hope you like my new game, leave feedback.


///////Some info for next week:

I am going on vecations tomorrow for a week, so no game next Friday. But I will probably came up with something at the beach.

Have a nice day.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Game 1/11 Lost Pogo Rider

Hello there. Much time has passed since the last post. Oh well. I must say, that I will probably stop with these video logs, because they aren't really that good on interesting. But I know that we all like timelapses, so I will make timelapses. I also said that I will make games in the holidays and so I decided to make 11 games. That is for every week a game. I will have to squeeze some games in like this one because I roughly have to make 2 games a week from now. But I will make it.... probably till end of September :D

So a game a week is officialy started. A week counts from Saturday till Friday. That is also why I made this GID today. I won't upload it now, because it is really... uninteresting but it was something to practice programming in Emacs and Linux.

Here is the timelapse video. HD on Youtube recommended.

Don't worry, this in the only game that I won't upload... I hope :D


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red's Game Development Episode 3

Woot. I made it in 1 day. I can't believe it. But yea it is kinda ok. I hope that you will like it even if I lack all the professionality.

YouTube has better quality.

Thanks for watching.


Friday, June 18, 2010

What happened to this place, and myself!

A good day to you all. Specially for those that have been following (maybe) this blog even if it seamed dead. But I am not dead, and nether is my with to make games. And as the school was nearing its end, the wish in me, that I should start making games again, rose and rose. And here I am.

I hope I will be able to bring this blog back to a normal game-making shape. I just checked some older posts, and there were too many "Sry, I had no time", "Apologize..." post where I was just whining about my laziness. 

Now some current info. I have switched to Linux a month ago (maybe two). To be more precise, to Ubuntu. I am very happy with this OS. It works at a speed of light and is super nice to use. It is simple amazing. At the start I was afraid how I would move to it but after some time everything works. All the game making stuff too. 

I also didn't totally forget game development it these 2 months. I made a game. But it was a paid project for someone and because I sold the game to him (including source), I can't post it here. But the game brought be really close to AI, pathfinding and other. Yea a PAID project, I am really happy. And yea it was on Freelancer.

The last 2 days, I have been trying to get YouTube to "accept" my video. So after a long time with "trial and error" I successfully uploaded a video that was processed and worked. Big thanks for ffmpeg to record my screen and Kdenlive to then make the video "compatible" with YouTube. I think that the quality suffered just a little little bit, but I just can't get a better quality to work. If some Linux user has an idea what codec to use and how to make it work (some tut or something) then I will be very happy. That means that a new video episode will come out. I still didn't record it but as I said it will be about the tools I use to make games. I hope you will like it (deadline is this weekend... I hope as always).

This is all I have to say. I hope that you will forgive me for this long pause but maybe you can understand what school can do to your motivation and creativity. I hope for good games in this holidays and I also have to finish JAHP and the 3D game that I worked on (I don't even know if I mentioned it on the blog. And I will change it to 2D because I just like it more).

Goodbye and have a good day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red's Game Development Episode 2

Here it is. After such a long time period I made a new video. Watch and comment please.

I recommend going to YouTube and watch the HD version. I hope you like it.

I also started working on a new project. It is a simple 3D strategy. Nothing special just something to test 3D.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Apologise :D

Hello there. I think I owe an apologize to myself and to all of you. One week ago I said I will start working again and that a new video episode is coming. But all I have been doing the whole week (more that that) is... nothing. I was just doing nothing, I'm such a lazy bastard. My Windows also crashed and I did a format (all my files are saved). Well there is one nice thing, I haven't played a game on my PC for more than a week, maybe 2. If I opened a game then it was for 5 minutes but nothing more. All my gaming has moved to the Wii. But I still waste most of the time doing nothing. So this time I won't promise anything but deep in me I feel my development heart is working again. :D I hope that by tomorrow the next episode is going to be up, or maybe on Monday, because YouTubes uploading is slow for me.

A video...

Today I discovered an amazing application for my PC. It is called Trillian. It is just amazing. I linked all my stuff together, MSN, Facebook, Gmail, Skype and even my old Twitter (which I will be using again from now on because it is so nice with Trillian). I have all my updates in a nice looking window on my right and it just saves time. All the updates on these sites are shown in nice notices so you never have to check those sites with you browser to see if there is something new. And did I say that Trillian is free. Go get it. Maybe I will say a little about it in the next video.

That is all for now. I have to update the projects on the right, the last 3 games aren't added.Bye

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from reality... with a Wii

Hello there after a very long time. A long time has past since I posted the video and longer since I posted something on my projects. Well here is a little update.

The cause for my lazyness is, that I bought a Wii on Tuesday and have been playing it since. It is awesome. I have been mostly playing Zelda: Twilight Princess and I have to say it is the best Zelda I player, and I played all of them. Except of the CD series. You know how it is when you buy a console, you play and play. 

I am trying not to play too much and work on something but I just wasn't able :D But today I kinda got the wish back to work on something. So I looked a little into Wii programming. I found out that you can use SDL or you can use the native DevKit. But I thought a little about it and games without OpenGL with only SDL would be a step back for me. So if I will chose to start a little with Wii programming then I will use the native DevKit. But I prefer Windows programming because that way everyone can play my games. If I start doing something for wii with total different API then it would only be playable on Wii and some port on PC would not be possible. I will see, maybe some little test apps on Wii but I will stay on my OS.

That's for that. This weekend is a mini LD again with a focus on Retro. Very low resolution and 8 colors. Almost the same as the last. If I will participate then it will be a short GID, because I already made a game on that theme. Maybe I will make it on my own and not in the time of the miniLD, because I love ultra retro games with resolution of 100*100.

Now some info on my Video episodes. Again the Wii took all my time but episode 2 is very near. I will try to show all games till Squared Shooter but I don't want to go over the 10 minute limit on Youtube. If I would make footage for 18 minutes that would go but not 12 minutes like last time. Because then I have to split it in a strange way. People kinda liked the last episode (woah 35 views) so I will keep on making them.

Phew that was a long post. So have a nice day on the other side of the Earth and a good night here. I hope I will work again soon till then... I am of saving Hyrule.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Red's Game Development Episode 1

Here it is. I didn't upload it yesterday because I didn't have any time. And today I uploaded it first, but then got a "video to long" massage. So I had to recreate the video and upload it. Here is a short info from the videos:


Episode 1:
My first video. Please excuse my lack of professionality and some not understandable sentences because of my nerves. I will prepare much more for the next episode, because I am a fluent English speaker but starts are always hard. I had to re voice the first part with the camera if you don't mind.

My introduction is in this episode and some info on how I started game development. Then I show my first 2 projects. Not much but I hope you like it. Thanks for watching. Critics wanted.

Lazy Foo's:
Anomalistic Technologies:

Software used:
Camtasia Studio
Fraps wasn't used in this episode to the gameplay recording are a little slow.


I really recommend to follow the links to YouTube and watch them in HD (720p). I am happy with the quality of the video. It was hard to make talk in a video for a first time even if I am a fluent English speaker. Big thanks if you watch it.

part 1:
part 2:

Good bye.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog update

Hello there. I know it has been some time since my last post. But here is the big announcement. Tomorrow I start doing a video blog. The videos will be posted here. I will do like a development videos. I hope the videos will be interesting in some way :D I will try to make the videos look professional. I will try at least. I think that the first few episodes will be more a presentation of my previous projects but I have to start somewhere. The videos will be in HD quality so yea.

I am currently not working on any project but I think I will start this working this week. I have been slacking a little these days, school and all.

I also found a nice project called Monolith. They have a nice development videos and I would like to create something in that style. Even if I don't work on 1 big project. Here is the link.

Good night for today.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LD over, school back

Hello there. I made a game for the mini LD and also school is back. We write a test tomorrow and another one on Thursday (maybe even two). So I don't really have the will to make games now. But I made 3 games this holidays. To be precise in 5 days. Two GIDs, a day for break and a mini LD game in 2 days. Here are the links to E.T. GO HOME NOT and Mr. Blocky (mini LD game). I won't post the volleyball game because it isn't good.

A fun game to try and play :D

Mr. Blocky

A mixture of Tetris and platformer. Read the info in game. Also 0 is always mapped to ESCAPE and 1 is used to level up difficulty.

That is all for today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First 2 GIDs

Hello. The holidays are getting shorter and shorter and I still want more. Oh well. Well today I finnished another GID. I finished both games under 4 hours of work. With todays game I am really proud finishing it this fast.
Here is the picture of Volley Bolley
Volley Bolley

A multiplayer volleyball game. It is kinda fun to play with someone if you keyboard supports all that button mashing. I had fun playing it but it is realy realy simple. My first GID, made in 4 hours.
Here is the second game E.T. GO HOME... NOT

This game is for everyone who hates E.T. for Atari. But is is fun to play. E.T.s try to climb to the stars to get home and you have to stop them with bombs. Much pixelated blood included. It is also fun to destory the E.T.s at the bottom and then those on top fly and splat on the bottom. Made in 4 hours and sound effects are included.

I will post the download link when I will stop with making GIDs.

Bye for today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today it started

Hello. No posts some time. Yea I know... I will start posting regular from tomorrow on. I have been playing Minecraft a lot these days. I am running my own server and there are a lot of people playing it. But today I stopped and started programming. And yea I got that feeling back. Fingers just fly and you can see progress in minutes. But I started a little late today. I hope that the "Code rush" will come back tomorrow. I plan on finishing todays GID and make another one tomorrow. I hope I will make it :D There is also a mini Ludumdare this weekend. Hmm... we will see. But keep in mind, a game made in a day can't be IDK what. But fun at least.

Hmm.. well I run the Minecraft server some days now. Here is a screenie of the world. It is made from scratch in these days.

So tomorrow it goes. And sorry for no posts these days.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back from LAN

Hello there. It is Wednesday. I came from LAN on Sunday night, then there was a national cultural day on Monday. I didn't work on the project from LAN. Today I played Minecraft all day.. again and I kinda don't feel like it. On Friday the 1 week holidays start and I wanted to finish the game till then. But that won't happen. Maybe I will put that big project on the side and work on small daylish games. I really want to try that. Thou I hope that JAHP will be finished also. I won't turn out a big game that I planned (because I probably won't include powers) but everything else is as I wanted it. Only the levels need to be done. But yeah. Tomorrow we write a test and then school free. I will go and play Minecraft now probably :D

That was some update because I didn't post a thing for some time. I look forward for those GIDs (game in a day) and I hope I will make it. Community ideas welcome :D


Friday, February 5, 2010

Pre LAN post

Hello there. It is Friday (yes :D) and I will be starting to pack my computer for the LAN now. So here is a short post.

I completed the saving system, saving, medals and stuff just now. At this rate of development I will hit beta in less than 7 days and the game will be near release. But I won't release an alpha today. There are only 5 levels created (I worked on the core and not on the levels) and it isn't worth it to give an alpha with 5 levels. That means that the first time you will play the game is when I release the full version. Oh well. But if you really really really want to try the alpha, then mail me. I am going to create levels on the LAN in the free time so I hope there will be a lot of levels done. I have not internet there but at home I will check e-mail during the weekend on other computer.

A hard thing I did is text rendering with OpenGL. Why don't they have that in it? I tried like 5 different things written to render text but they didn't work. So after some hours of work I wrote my own. It renders a number. The font is really an image but it works. I am happy that I finally did this font thing.

I got medal

(yay silver medal)

JAHP will go through some testing on the LAN. See you on Sunday.. probably.

Bye and a happy weekend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

JAHP alpha

Hello. A lot of work has been done in the weekend. Sadly I didn't have more that a hour time on Monday and Tuesday because there were other things. But I worked today a little and finished the level selection screen that was left for the alpha. So... alpha is done. But I won't post it yet. I know some of you want to play it but as I reached alpha, I decided to add some more things and release the alpha. That are mainly more levels because now you don't have much to play, and medals for levels (how fast you complete them). Also some saving. I will do that tomorrow. So the alpha will be released tomorrow or maybe on Friday before I go on a LAN party. Yea we got a LAN party this weekend.

Enough talk, here are the pictures:

JAHP menu

The menu. I kinda like it. Made in paint.

Playing a level

Playing a level. As you can see the graphics got changes, the player and stuff. Particles are added. This is the final gfx, maybe some other background but I like this one.

The editor

The level editor. It still needs a some user friendliness but it works as needed.

Hmm JAHP. :D I just named it that way. It stands for "Just a hard platformer" but maybe you can make something more juicy out of JAHP. 

So alpha is near and the fun trailer will also be started after alpha.

I hope you like it and good night.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project update #3

Here is the update for today that I promised. First here is the sticky note where I have the stuff till alpha listed:

To do list for alpha

(for bigger image click on it)

Today I worked almost 4.5 hours on the game. I implemented FMOD but because of a bad tutorial I lost like 40 minutes figuring something out until I went to check out the documentation of FMOD. It is really good written. Players sound effects are in and 1 song. Today I also did the game states. Till now everything was in main(). Today with the power of inheritance and polymorphism I created the game state thingie. I haven't done this in the last project :D. All the fixes till now were done, level exits are in (still need some graphics), level changing works... Don't know what took me that long I think FMOD took more that 2 hours. I also started on some levels. Some beginning ones where you only need to jump and move with some practice for that.

Easy levels

I hope I won't start making too hard levels too soon. :D

Tomorrow will be more graphical things. I have to make a menu, some level selection screen, some gfx for blocks, get some kind of a background and I will add particle effect (woot). 

I found out that when you die and the level is reloaded that the process takes up 0.050 Kbyts (or KB.. dunno) more memory. I will look into it but I don't think it is such a big problem because the game later releases that memory. Dunno. 

Alpha is near and when it is in a good state more features will be started to being added. 

It is late now, so good night people.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Delay #1

Hello there. I haven't posted for some days now. I was sick and still am. I have some infection of throat (I don't know how you say that in English). I am sick since Tuesday. I also had some other problems and my head also didn't want to kinda work on the project. I wanted to get over the alpha stage this week but sickness got into my plans. I will start working on the project tomorrow. Some of the things that I think need to be done to reach the alpha stage: some pile of polishes that I have written down, lame-o menu and level selection, some 10+ levels, basic sounds effects maybe some music added. After that is done the game will hit the beta development phase. 

Now for some more gaming news. In these days I took myself the time and played some indie games that I tried but didn't put enough time into them.

RunMan: Race Around the World

I completed it. I have to say it is really fun and fast. A lot of love has been put into it. I wish todays Sonic games would be as good as this. I recommend this one.

Dungeons of Fayte

A game that came out of the Assemblee compo at TIGsource. It is great because and a 4 players coop is hell fun. I completed it with my brother. If you have someone around to play with, try this.

Picture on the link. (The links are in the titles)


A game from this years IGF student category. It is not much of a gameplay but the storytelling is amazing and gives me that Fahrenheit feeling. 

An Untitled Story

One word, epic. The game is humongous and I lost many hours in it and probably didn't even get over the half of the game. Really a gem that I played in the past and played it again this days. Give it a go. I also suggest a gamepad with a long cable and some comfortable chair. Really one of the best games.

There are a lot Indie games I played but you probably know them and I won't list them here.

I hope I will give you more updates on the project tomorrow.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some update #2

Yea I think it is #2 of the name "Some update". I am currently listening to the 1UP broadcast or whatever. It is 2 hours long and I like it. I don't have a link but google for it. The maker of Braid is in it. 

I survived yesterdays skiing. It was really nice. My friend took a picture of me trying to do some stuff and when I will get it I will post it. I couldn't get it today. :D

I did some work today on the project. Mainly some small but seeable tweaks to the graphics. I kinda like the look now I only need to get some backgrounds. I won't post a picture of it now. Tomorrow when I add a player spawning block in the level editor and a end of the level the game will be in an.... hmm... 0.5 version.. is that alpha or beta.. dunno. And some level editors will be good :D. I will make the main levels but the levels that other people will create will be put in the bonus stuff even in the main levels. Ok some user friendliness in the level editor has to be done :D. I will also make a "trailer" for the game to test my video editing skills again. I also need to make some tutorial levels with text to get the player into it.

That is all for now. Tomorrow is school ( hellish monday ) and here is a picture of me writing a blog post with the sticky notes included.


Friday, January 22, 2010

We go skiing

Hello there. Another week passed. It is friday night and I will go sleep soon because we go skiing tomorrow. The whole day. So I won't post any updates and logicaly won't work on the project. Maybe if some interesting pictures come out tomorrow I will post it :D I am not really good at skiing so I hope I won't kill myself. Oh well. 

I made progress on the game. The level editor is really nice to work with and core gameplay is smooth and as I want it to be. I made a little challenging level for me and like played it over 15 minutes. It is hard but addicting... you just want to make that jump right :D. I really like when I get this feeling. More types of blocks were added and still more will be. You cannot see them on the picture thou because they are the same color. 

Project image #2

I hope you like it. Kinda. IDK about the gfx. More updates on sunday.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving blocks scratched

Hello. Bad news today. I scratched moving blocks in the game. Yea that is right. I had to make a decision. To waste like 5-10 more hours on them or delete them. I deleted all the code for them. So that means I threw away all todays work including like 5 hours of work from other days. That much because most of the fixing and all was related to the moving blocks. I also don't think that they are that important.

As this big problem is out of the way I can start working on much more content. Different types of blocks, more gameplay mechanics and stuff. I will really make this game the best till now. Secrets included :P

I work a lot on the game but I am kinda angry I had to delete much of hard work. But that is life. And moving platforms are a pain in the ass. Well they worked most of the time but you couldn't use them close to other blocks because of some conflicts.

I hope that great updates are coming tomorrow. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Evil Visual Studio and stupid me

A really quick post because I am totally nerved now. Today I was just simply working on the project suddenly a error got up. And I couldn't get my game to running again. It was an error I didn't see before (in the debugging output) but the game ran but it was a blank screen. So I was 100% sure that it really is a loading libraries error. After 1 hour of nerves breaking and puzzling searching the net for solution I found out that there is an programming error. The game gut stuck in a never ending loop on the level loading that I totaly didn't expect. I am just so angry......

Oh well. I did do some things at least.

Stupid VS for showing me an not important error just in the same time I (really don't know how) made a programming error, and all made me think it is a VS problem. Well the coding error was, that it reads a level file till the end. But somehow it gets stuck if the level file is empty. WTF..

Good night. More updates tomorrow.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday bloody monday :D

Little quick post today. First I didn't do anything on the project. Maybe I will play a little and make some pixelated graphics. I think I will go with that style. I hope I won't make it worse. Today I came home at 4.30 PM, it was 5.30 PM when I got myself together :P. I had volleyball at 7 PM till 8 PM so I just wasn't in the mood today. But tomorrow is a long programming day. I made a big list of stuff I will add and how the level editor will work. I also made sketches on the paper. I would post it here now but I don't have a scanner in my arms reach now. I will post that tomorrow.

So todays point of interest.

Microsofts Kodu game lab. I downloaded it and player a little with it and it seams you can make simple but kinda good games with this new "programming" language. It is a visual type but still. It is for those that are starting with game dev. It is very simple to use and main usage is for younger people but maybe some talent can make space invaders out of it.

Presentation video:

I recommend it to any game dev to play a little with it. It is fun but I find it a little limitating. But I will play with it tomorrow a bit more.


Bye for today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project update #1

So here is the big project update. I sadly didn't post it yesterday but I took myself a lot of time to change the template (it isn't as easy as it sounds) and I counted that as an daily post :D I hope you like the it. It has only the simplest things needed not as the previous which had too many not needed stuff. I like this one 100x more.

( I like it so much I will post a picture of it :D)

Now about the project.

As I didn't post a picture of the game yet this is the first thing to do.

First thing to say is the graphics. The blocks are different colors so it was simpler for me to recognize them. The player need his arms also. Also a nice background must be made. I still don't know if I will stay with something like this or remake all the graphics. So I need some kind of feedback. I am not really got at gfx but if people won't like it I have a problem.

Not what is done on the gameplay. I took a lot of time to make the platforming as smooth as possible. Todays I was working with tweaks and bug fixes with it for about 2 hours. Because I constantly discover thing that could be better. But mainly bugs like going through a block at an angle. But that is all fixed now. The game controls mainly as I want to. Maybe I will make the movement a little slower because it is really hard to do dome movements at this speed. But the main thing is that the game is hard because the player can't make it and not because it is made badly.

Then we have the block. Normal blue blocks. The red ones are spiked one and the green ones are moving (you cannot see that on the image). But they work perfectly. As you can see there are glows out of the blocks. That is where you ran (touched them). I will probably use this, so you will gain slow motion power when moving where you still haven't. The level editor also works, as does the saving and loading of different levels. I also made an algorithm that checks if the block has a neighbour, so it doesn't put spikes or bounding line there. There are still a few easy types of block to be made: destroying, switching and some more. I will make it so that when you connect a moving block with other, all of them get the moving attribute. That way you can make different moving structures.

A lot is done till now and a lot more has to be done. But the progress is kinda good. I mainly want a feedback what you thing about all this.

Hmm these post take a long time to write. This was now like 40 minutes :D.

Good bye for now. Also check the new images on my flickr (link on the left) that I didn't post here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Images #1

Stuff I useLevel fileDesktop #1

Click on them to see them big time in the all sizes tab :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I won't break my promise [Update]

Here is the update of my yesterdays post. For the recap I posted it because I will keep up the at least 1 post a day.

So today I did some progress. It isn't really late now but I am going out with friends. Because of that I didn't finish 2 things on my checklist for today (hey it is friday night). But instead of that I fixed some really weird bugs I discovered.

Today I made a Flickr account. That means high quality images. Yessss. All the pictures go on the blog will be there. I also opened a category called programming, where I already posted 3 pictures about working on the project. I think I will do that daily because it is so simple. I hope you will like the pictures but warning they are about programming soooo. But I think that many of you will be interested. I will be posting the images with the flickr blog posting thingie.

I will now post the images from flickr. A more detailed project update coming tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy new year?

Hello there. First of all happy new year to everyone. I know I am late. I also know that I didn't post anything on the blog since the 23th. That is kinda sad, considering back in the days I made posts more frequently. I will try to change that now (kinda new year promise), I also have to start working more on game developing. I need to put a notifier on my desktop so I will post every day.

About the new project. Well I started on it all the platforming works. I will scratch the shooting part of the game because it kinda does not go together with this style of plaformer. I also hope it won't be to Meat boy-ish. But many developers said: if you remake something, then add something in it so it will be totally different. But I think that the game isn't like Meat boy it only has similar platforming gameplay. 

Little what works.

-platforming ( yay wall slide and jump )

- sloooow motion, I like it

- and some eye candy

I start further work on it tomorrow. The last 3 days (and I really mean it) I have been working on something for school but now I done everything and have like 2 weeks of chilling. Enough time to finish this. I start working on advanced platforms tomorrow: spiked, moving, eee oscilating and a level editor. I won't post a screen because the graphics look strange, I have to change them a little but don't expect more from me than lost of cubes and simple stuff.

Here is a little vector art I did for the game (main character)... not named yet :D

(that is not slime at the bottom.. it is a badly drawn light)

I will post some screens of the game tomorrow.