Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can see the finish line

Hello there. Sory I didn't post anything yesterday. So the update for the game. Well all I can say is that the game is done. Everything works. I only need to fix some minnor things that I discovered when play testing levels. Yea the levels. Currently there are 10 levels that I made in like 3/4 of an hour. At start I made some simple levels but then I just left my imagination free and did what came to mind. So some levels can be realy simple and in some you will realy have to reset the level many times even if you mastered the control of the shadow ( like me since I am playing it for longer time ). I hope the people will get the hang of the controlling the shadow. The instruction screen says it simple but it takes some time to understand it. I hope there won't be any problems. So levels to go.

The current level select screen. As you can see you need to get to a level to be able to select it from here. This gives the game some progress thing.

And here is medium difficult level. Well not even that. But it needs some precise jumping.

I send the game to few friends over MSN and they like it. That is good. But the game crashed on ones PC, don't know why.

Bye for now.


  1. looks great so far.. cant wait to try it..

  2. Possible release date?

  3. Dbomb thanks.

    Release date? Well, in the next 3 days. Probably tomorrow. :D

  4. Looks good! Is this kind of like the Braid shadow levels? Those were fun! Can't wait to try it.

    I posted some comments on some earlier posts I had missed; I was gone for about a week.

  5. Hello swarmer. Yep I noticed that you were gone. Well IDK if it is like Braid because in Braid there were dors and keys and time manipulation. Here you control the shadow. But Braid inspired me though.