Friday, May 15, 2009

Some updates and feedback wanted

Today I did some things on the game. The level loading thing is done so now you can simpli add the map name in a file and the game loads them in order. The level switching also works when you come to the exit. I also added spikes. So now you can die. I also added a reset button so that you reset the level. I also added some effect to the player.

Thinks that have to be done:

- Title and menu ( title done, menu still to go )

- Level selection screen

- Some fixes with the games input handling function ( it goes nuts if you move and the level changes..... hmmm )

- Sounds and music

- Some die animation and some level changing transition...

- Levels, a lot of them

But mainly I think it works. I realy need to fix the input function. I still don't know how but I will find a way. The sound also need to be added. I still think about adding level naming so the level title is displayed on the start.

Now I also need some feedback. I want to know what do you thing about the graphics. I kinda like this black and white gfx but I want to know what you think. Also some ideas if you think I should realy add to the game then say it.

Bye for now.


  1. maybe a black background with white stars specs ??? everything else is good

  2. nice if you need a really good GFX artist go here post in graphics section

  3. To Anonymous:
    A black background wont be good because everything has black lines. So I will stick with the white one.

    dbomb: thanks, will have a look there. But I will stick with these gfx.

  4. I like the graphics. You could try making them really low resolution and just enlarging the image; that retro style always looks pretty cool.

    But the current ones are fine. It has a very distinct style. I really like the trail behind the player!