Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book done.... I knew it

Well yesterrday I finished reading the book, wrote 1 page about it. And I got a big headache from it. Boring books are not good for you brain. And today... well I didn't haved to present it. I knew that this will happen. Oh well...

Progress on project...

none. Well I didn't started on it yet. All I have is the gameplay idea on a paper that I did today in school. Well, everithing is done, but on paper. But that is enough so that I won't need to get ideas later. As I said the game is not complicated but it will be fun. The whole game is on 1 A4 size paper :P I need to start working on it, but th eproblem is, that from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon we have a LAN party. That means gaming and I won't work on anything. I realy want to finnish it in 1 week, but the weekend is realy important because I do a lot of stuff then. So don't know. So I realy want 1 weekend to work on the game. That is the next one. That says it, that I won't start it this week, but the next one. Maybe I will do something but not much. 

Hope you are not dissapointed, but I will just take a gaming break from it. Well it is 1 week away from the last project.

Here is a hint for the next game :P

You see the theme here, but it is diffrent and realy retro arcade. :P



  1. lol at picture... ill be here for a release.

  2. you could do some stuff on LAN and impress everyone :D