Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January game: RedLetterBox

Phew! That was quite a rush now. But I did it, a new game is here. I call it "RedLetterBox in GreenSpace". Yea the name was invented in 2 seconds.

Play it HERE
Only the arrow keys are needed. Music credit goes to RushJet1.

As you can see it is a really simple game where you just move around to the exit. I just had to do something quick because the game is a Gi2D (Game in 2 Days). Total time spent on making the game 6-8 hours. And the game is made in.... ActionScript3. Yes that is right. I decided that I will learn AS3 this month and I did. And with it I learned FlashPunk from Chevy Ray. I must say that AS3 is a really good language and the FlashPunk engine is really nice. But I did had some frustrating moments with level handling because I didn't know the framework enough. But overall it is a great combination for someone who is starting out with game dev or moving from GameMaker.

One downside was that had to run a virtual Windows on my unix (Arch Linux) to be able to run FlashDevelop. It worked flawless  on my computer but they really should make a native Unix port because it is a great IDE. I really needed some IDE because I was completely new to AS3 and FlashPunk and emacs just doesn't has any good as3 plugin.

For the next month or two I am planning something bigger so maybe February won't see a new game. I also have a lot of school projects to finish in February so development could go down a little on my priority list. But I hope that something good will come out eventually.

Thanks for playing the game and reading my blog. Bye for today.


  1. New game :D But it won't work for me... I see powered by FlashPunk and that all... after that black screen.
    And now you will be doing flash games ? Or you just want to try it ?
    P.S I deleted Linux and installed windows just to run Visual C++ can't find something good as it for linux and create .exe

  2. OMG stupid Windows... install already viruses...
    Can play it now ) Nice music good game but not so interesting. 2 Day rush is small time... but nice idea for a game :DD

  3. Hehe. No I won't be doing flash games I am going back to C++ because I feel limited with flash. Yea it is kinda dull but I needed to make something.

  4. sdl games in this flash game is really successful, such as waiting for the new game =)