Friday, July 31, 2009

Everything normal

Hello there. Well everything went good today. I called the shop and they said that I can go get the card back :D They said that they didn't find the number sooooo.... ok. But I think it was worth it. Instead of getting back my Geforce 8500gt I got a geforce 9500. A card that is twice as powerful. Lucky me :D.

I tryed the card and everything works fine now. OpenGL runs fine. 

That means that I can start on the project. Well today I go on a BD party so I won't have time today. It is a little late. I wil lstart tomorrow but we have a picnic tomorrow and another one on sunday. Well. The game will be made in 7 days maximum that means I will work on it durring the week. Oh yeah. I go to the poll with friends on monday ( the whole day ) so I won't work that day.

Good bye. 

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Very big problem - project delayed

Hello there. I am not in a good mood realy. But here is the problem. As I alredy posted, I moved to Windows 7. Everything works fine until I started the new project. The problem is: that for the current graphical card (radeon x550, my geforce 8500gt is on guarantie for like 3 - 4 weeks alredy), the drivers for windows 7, don't support OpenGL! They decided that they wont make drivers for Win 7 for so old cards. That means I have to wait for my card to be repaired. And it is realy taking long. It hasn't been a problem till now ( i don't play much games ) but now that I need it to be able to make games in openGL.... welll that is a whole new story. I will call the shop tomorrow and drangle a bit because they told me it will take 1 week ( funny huh ). But I don't want to install back Windows XP. But if it won't work with the new card, well then I will.

That is all for now. Maybe I will make a small SDL game in a day or two if I don't get the card to this weekend. 

Funny picture.


Blog update

Hello everyone. As you can see I changed the template of the site. I think it look much nicer now. There are some un neded things like those "undefined" with the posts and I think that the followers tab doesn't work on Opera. It works with Mozilla. But I hope you like it.

Nothing else realy. Maybe a pic of my desktop:

Well it is a little low qualiti :D

Post ya :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Computer upgrade

Hello there. Today I did a software upgrade. I decided to install a Windows 7. After many years that I used Windows Xp, I decided that I should move to the newer version. So today I installed Windows 7. I'm testing it the whole day and it is working perfectly. I'm a surprised how well it works. Even on my really old computer.

But sadly I didn't work a thing of the new project. It's took me the whole day to install the programs back. I already installed Visual Studio, but I still need to setup SDL. I hope I'll be able to start on the project tomorrow. But don't think I didn't do anything. I wrote all the concept of the game on a paper. That means that all of the game play idea is already done. The graphics aren't really anything special but I hope the game play will be nice. I will probably post a scan of the concept tomorrow. I also studied some math functions so I'll be able to do some new things.

That's all for today, no pictures or anything.

And if you want to know I used the voice recognition software to write this post, no typing at all. That is really cool.

But. Good night.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello there

Well hello there :D Long time no post. Yea almost 2 week have passed since the last post and somewhere 20 days since the last game. I realy need to start posting again at least. But a new project is also on the way.

Diffrent things have been happening these days but nothing realy interesting. I started on a new project before few days but I canceled it. Yep that's right. I didn't realy like the concept and the game was to much on graphics. 

I will try to start on something tomorrow. I still need to get some idea. I have no clue what it will be. I will probably make a simple shot-em up with cubes:D Yea cubes :D Something like this:

The game si called CrytorYan and it is an impressive game made in only 6 hours. I also like the gameplay it is simple but it has something interesting in it :D Link.

I also though about a game where you jump into water. Well you do rotations and trick in the air. Something where you have to press the corosponding ( typo probably ) button. I will leave that idea for later. Also is going to annouce a new theme in the next weeks.

Cya. Good night :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OpenGL feedback

Hello there. So openGL is done. I learned most of the things I need to know. And what is my grade.... A+ :D Well lets get little into details.

I learned all the needed stuff in GL that in need. After that I did a little performance test:

Remember that when I use SDL and blit a 640x480 background it uses 50 - 60% of my CPU.

So I did the following in OpenGL. First a 3D cube is in the middle of the screen (screen is 800x600)  that is textured with an image and rotates on many dirrections. Then the background is textured with a big image. Then there are many textured boxes (100x100) drawn on the screen, all textured). And the whole screen in rotating.

In the first test I created 50 boxes every frame and textured them with a 640x480 image. That means that a 100x100 place was filled with a 640x480 image. The CPU usage was from 2 - 10%. 

(Open the image in new tab/window to see if fully).

Then I thought about it and figgured out that texturing a 100x100 rect with a 640x480 image isn't realy performance efficient and you don't get a better image. So I resized the image to 100x100 and then textured teh rects with it. But now I created 200 rects every frame. And what came out: 0% CPU ussage :D:D Yep thats great. :D

Conclusion: OpenGL is great. Now I need to get an idea for my next game :D


Thursday, July 9, 2009

OpenGL time

Hello there. I stopped posting again. Darn it :P Well I will try to fill in the holes. But lets forget that, new plan is here.

Yep I decided to move from SDL bliting to OpenGL. One of the main things about this is performance. Because in my current games 90% of the games CPU usage is blendigg with SDL. IIf I create a game and use a background to blit and then everything else, then the game uses somewhere 60 - 70% of my CPU ( at 60 FPS ). Yea it is true that I have a AMD 64 3000+ 1.8Ghz CPU but still. That is a lot. So that is one thing.

Next. With OpenGL I have the option of 3D.  I don't play to start making 3d games ( to much work, math and stuff )  and at the end nothing interesting would come out. So 2D FTW. But I will be able to use 3D features with 2D images and so on. The next thing is rotation, morphing and these stuff with images ( textures in future ). I realy need to learn rotating images and so. So it will be more interesting.

Soo this is cleared. I will probably get through the basic tuts in a day or 2 with some example programs. 

Next thing Experimental gameplay Project is back. After some years ( i think ). That gives me an additional "morale" boost to make games in 7 days. The theme June was nonexperimental shooters. Now I am waiting for the july theme and start working on a game :D Go and pay the a visit. Here.

Hmm long post. But I will include a fast "how i did the circle detection " in my last game.

Picture first: ( fast paint )

So let me try to explain this. The game created red particles as an effect when you drew the line. In reality bigger collision boxes were created when you moved a certain amount of pixels. When you made a circle arround something and the last collision box collided with one of the first ones the game though that you made a circle. So it created a collision box by the folowing pattern:

The x from the collision box that was on the far left became the X of the big collision box.

The y ..................................... far top .... bla bla bla

You know what I mean.

It realy isn't anything special and the system can easily be abused ( by drawing a diagonal line and then back ), but it worked nice.

Bye for now :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazy Coin Skydiver

Hello there. Here it is. Crazy coin skydiver. I made up the name in 5 second when I was making the menu :D. So what it is. It is a arcade style short little fun??.. game.

All I can say is, that it nice to play when you have nothing else to do. Easy to play ( I also hope to understand ) but hard to master :D Well not really. Try to get a high score. :P


Picture of gameplay:


Arrow keys to move.

Hold "A" to draw. 

Draw a circle around the coin to collect it ( it needs to be some kind of circle ). The game will automaticly detect if you made it :D

Draw a line ( horizontal / vertical ) and then release "A" to attack. The line will explode the enemy.

Don't touch the enemyes (  blue guys ) :D

That is all I have to say.

Link again:


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long time no post

Hello everyone. I havent posted anything for 1 week. But I have to tell you I didn't work that hard so I couldn't post anything. But I have worked on it fairly enough, so that all the gameplay is done. But I wasn't home today the whole day ( family visit ) so I couldn't finnish the game. I will do that tomorrow. I also have to add sound, but that isn't hard.

The game is preaty simple, some fast arcade style gameplay with lots of particles effects. I will make a simple menu with instrucions screen. And I also have to programm the loosing part. :P Damn I realy could have completed the game till friday, but I was realy lazy :P. I should try to complete the game as fast as I can and then take the week of. Just like jayenkai ( sorry if I spelled it wrong ). Yep that means I will still be doing a week a game. I will not pull myself together and do this things right.

So my game comes tomorrow. Don't expect anything great, but I think is a nice little time waster, just like watching paint dry :D

lol at the picture :D