Monday, March 30, 2009

Project update

Yet again an update. I havend worked on the projetc previos week, only on sunday. I did a good portion of versus mode in the game. Today I worked most of the time on the slow down power which really made my braid hurt ( some strange problems ).

I tried the game on 2 other computers and it worked nice on them. There has been a report that you cannot use powers but it worked on the other computers so I don't know what could be wrong.When I tryed on 1 computer that was really old I noticed that the timing system was ..... bad. It was raised every frame so if the frame rate fell then it took longer to something happen. So today I made anything frame independent, so now everything works according to the frame rate.

Here is a picture where you can see the versus mode. You see the 2nd player up there with his own arsenal of powers. The scoring system is a little diffrent in this mode and anything is unlocked. I still have at least 2 or 3 powers to add to 2nd player.

Here you can see the help power in action. It is maybe harder to see in a still picture but when you use the power, then 1 dead alien comes from above and flyes to his place. Here I spamed the power because I made in the code that you have a lot of points so I can test things.

Tomorrow I wil probably finnish all the powers and finnish the versus mode. Then comes the 2 player mode ( which shudn't be hard ) and some highscore screen. A few adds to the gameplay and code and it will be done. I think I will finnish it in Thursday, maybe Wednesday.

I also decided to put some videos up. I will make a video about these 4 games I created with this project in the middle. I will also put a video with me finnishing this project - making it ( programming and all ). I got the idea Jayenkai. You can find his youtube channel here:

That is all for now. Good night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Space Invaders Versus beta relesse

Yep it is here. For the past few days I have beed working on the project. I wasn't working that much but I got it to a state, that is playable and you can play it how long you want.

The features in the beta:

- Some nice gfx in the level, still not any nice effects but it looks nice.

- Menu gfx is at the very bottom but I quickly did it because it isn't that important

- It saves the level you were last. So you can continiue when you want.

-All the powers are done for player 1. There is now a unlocking system, you need to unlock power before you can use it. I also added some new powers.

- In the menu there are some simple instructions on how to play.

- And some stuff that I don't remember.

The project has 3.140 lines of code. The program says that there are 1.800 statement. That are the usefull part of the code not the spaces and brackets.

Time spend till now: 34 hours. Yep it is that much. I really don't know why it is taking that long. Probably because i am slacking. I looked at the code and see that I started the project on 24. 1. That is exactly 2 month from now. Damn I am lazy.

I don't know how good is the difficulity. I made it so that it gets harder every level but I don't know if it is good. 

Here you can see the totaly simple menu.

And here is me in the action. You see the locked powers on the right. The level counter and stats.

Here is the link for the beta: Invaders Versus beta v0.51.exe

It is in a self extracting zip format ( made in 7-zip ).

There is still a lot to be done. And I am losing my will to work on this project. I alredy have a great idea about the next project. I also decided not to make any remakes. So my next project will be something completly new, something that doesn't exist, a real indie game.

I will realy work hard the next week to complete the game. I know I can finnish it in 1 week. I will put all my skills into it so it gets done. I alredy lost to much time on this project. But I have learned a lot.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project update

As I promised. Here I am. Now let's come to the game.

First, I was working on some problems with the bomb today, it took me 1 hour to find a way to fix it and I lost all the mood to work more today. But I will continiue tommorow.

A list of thing that have been done from the previous update:

- A buying system

- Some powers for 1 player ( all the powers work nice )

- Ship gfx

-........ well some fixes and so

Here you can see the buying system in action. You select stuff with the up and down buttons and then buy something. I think that the prices are good or even to low because you can get the score up fast if you know how and you complete a level fast. Levels are still not implemented

Here i am shoting with the triple power. As you can see it shots 3 times. I don't know if I shud make the power time limited or you use it as long as you want. Maybe some other thing that it should trigger it down. The same works with the double.

This is an example of the bomb shot. You buy it and then you can shot it when you want. You can buy more of them if you can. 

And here I exploded the bomb with the same button. It then creates some particles that fly in random ways. If you shot this in a group you can easyly destroy anything there.

There is still a lot to be done. First I will focus on making these powers and some counters and timers. Then I will make levels and a menu. I think that is when the beta is going to be relessed. Then I will start doing the rest. I hope I will work on it more because in the last time I dodn't really do much.

Now i go to sleep, my eyes are alredy closing.


From the darkness :P

Hello. I havent posted for a long time now and it seams, that it would be nice if I sud post something again. 

As you can see I updated my blog a little. I added some sites I follow and updated my profile with a nice picture. :P

It seams that my blog is getting a lot more traffic than usually nad there are some people that follow my site. Thanks for the support, I didn't think that anyone will follow my site. For the last week I have also been folowing the "A game a week" blog. He made a game in 1 week. Is is a nice game and fun to play. Great job. Visit his site with the link to see more.

The game gets the approved stamp for great work and fun to play. :P:P

Now let's continiue. I have also made some progress on Space Invaders Versus. I changed the ship gfx. The buying system is also complete ( except for the unlocking of wepons ), so now you can buy wepons with points. I made the following powers: repairing blocks, double shot and triple shot ( self-explainatory (probably not whriten right ) ) and a bomb. You buy the bomb and then shot it with a button, when you want to explode it you press the same button again. I think it is very useful. 

I will post more updates for the game later including pictures. I will now go programm and add other things. I will update later ( somewhere at 8 or 9 PM, that is 4 hours away from now because i think the time on my site isn't working right). 

There has also been a loot of stuff in school these days and the next week is going to be stresfull. There are few tests now that are really important.

I will also try to post some new indie games that I found and played.

Bye for now. And sorry for the long text post without any interesting pictures.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some updates and news

Here I am again... First some info on my no posting. Well, we had a LAN party this weekend and it was great. I went on the party on friday night and came home on sunday on 5 PM. Then I needed to set-up my camputser and went doing some reports for school that took me that whole day. On monday I was changins some themes on xp and trying new stuf that I got.

Space Invaders Versus

Some updates for the game. I was doing some gfx updates. I colorized the game verry much so it looks better now. I hope it isn't to colorful. Here are some pictures.

You can see that it is verry colorful now. Only the gfx of the ship and his shadow aren't changes. I will do that later. 

I need to start programming now. Many thing need to be done: weapons, buying system, menus, 2 players, levels, lotttt of stuffff, gfx effects.....


The problem is that I have a lot of thing to do for school. First, I just remembered that I have to write 250 words about myself till tommorow for my English class. I think that I will do that in 1 hour. Then I have a big project till monday. I have to make a presentation ( in word ) of over 50 C++ programs that my teacher gave me. I have to post from every programm the source code, a picture of the programm and then comment the programm.  This is going to become one bi word file. Till now I completed 8 programms and they just keep getting bigger. Even if I really take my time to do this it will take 2 or 3 days to complete. 

There are also other thing to do and we also write a test in 2 days but I think it will go fine. I will try to post some updates about other things, because I won't be ablo to work on my project for few days.

Blog you soon. Bye

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Space Invaders Versus update

Hello. I havent posted for a long time but I have done something on my current project. o here are some updates:

I added the scoring system. It is made in the style that if you "combo" kills then in show how much you gathered under the score. It also gives you a bonus depending how high your score is. Then after few seconds it adds it to your score. Here is a picture:

I think that you have seen this scoring system before.

The next thing i added were the blocks for defense as I like to call them. You can shot them, they can shot them and they get destroyed. They aren't made as in the original because those took over 20 hits to get completly destroyed. I wan't it to be mnore fast paced.

(How they are destroyed.)

I also added music and the sound effect when the enemy is destroyed. The songs i got from a great site called

The sound effect are made with a nice program called musagi. You can find it here

As you can see all the thing are in for the game to be a copy of the original. Well the menu is not there and the levels but still. Now it is time to add these things:

-buying system

-particle engine ( destroyed enemies, explosion..... )

- cool ( i hope) weapons

- 2nd player that plays diffrently

-need to change the graphics to more colorful and change the ship gfx


Bye for now. I will post about the indie games that i was playing these days also. They are great.