Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Space Invaders Versus beta relesse

Yep it is here. For the past few days I have beed working on the project. I wasn't working that much but I got it to a state, that is playable and you can play it how long you want.

The features in the beta:

- Some nice gfx in the level, still not any nice effects but it looks nice.

- Menu gfx is at the very bottom but I quickly did it because it isn't that important

- It saves the level you were last. So you can continiue when you want.

-All the powers are done for player 1. There is now a unlocking system, you need to unlock power before you can use it. I also added some new powers.

- In the menu there are some simple instructions on how to play.

- And some stuff that I don't remember.

The project has 3.140 lines of code. The program says that there are 1.800 statement. That are the usefull part of the code not the spaces and brackets.

Time spend till now: 34 hours. Yep it is that much. I really don't know why it is taking that long. Probably because i am slacking. I looked at the code and see that I started the project on 24. 1. That is exactly 2 month from now. Damn I am lazy.

I don't know how good is the difficulity. I made it so that it gets harder every level but I don't know if it is good. 

Here you can see the totaly simple menu.

And here is me in the action. You see the locked powers on the right. The level counter and stats.

Here is the link for the beta:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/in4zzemmmne/Space Invaders Versus beta v0.51.exe

It is in a self extracting zip format ( made in 7-zip ).

There is still a lot to be done. And I am losing my will to work on this project. I alredy have a great idea about the next project. I also decided not to make any remakes. So my next project will be something completly new, something that doesn't exist, a real indie game.

I will realy work hard the next week to complete the game. I know I can finnish it in 1 week. I will put all my skills into it so it gets done. I alredy lost to much time on this project. But I have learned a lot.



  1. Nice job! It feels pretty solid so far. I couldn't get the power-ups working though. I just press 'a' right? I had enough points but I couldn't buy anything.

    Also, I can move my ship off the screen.

    The only annoying thing is that when I press esc to pause, I keep accidentally pressing it again to unpause, but that exits the game.

  2. Hmm that is strange. I will have to play test it on other computers before I give out the real thing.

    Yea I know I fixed this now. I also made a lot today and smoothened the gameplay. I think I will finnich it in 3 or 4 days.

    That is a good idea. I will make a pause screen.

    P.S. for the power ups. You need to have enough poins in the score, not in the combo. That means that the points in the combo don't count as long as you pump them up. You also have to unlock a power first with points and then use them.

    Thanks for the reply. I wil post updates tommorow.