Monday, March 30, 2009

Project update

Yet again an update. I havend worked on the projetc previos week, only on sunday. I did a good portion of versus mode in the game. Today I worked most of the time on the slow down power which really made my braid hurt ( some strange problems ).

I tried the game on 2 other computers and it worked nice on them. There has been a report that you cannot use powers but it worked on the other computers so I don't know what could be wrong.When I tryed on 1 computer that was really old I noticed that the timing system was ..... bad. It was raised every frame so if the frame rate fell then it took longer to something happen. So today I made anything frame independent, so now everything works according to the frame rate.

Here is a picture where you can see the versus mode. You see the 2nd player up there with his own arsenal of powers. The scoring system is a little diffrent in this mode and anything is unlocked. I still have at least 2 or 3 powers to add to 2nd player.

Here you can see the help power in action. It is maybe harder to see in a still picture but when you use the power, then 1 dead alien comes from above and flyes to his place. Here I spamed the power because I made in the code that you have a lot of points so I can test things.

Tomorrow I wil probably finnish all the powers and finnish the versus mode. Then comes the 2 player mode ( which shudn't be hard ) and some highscore screen. A few adds to the gameplay and code and it will be done. I think I will finnish it in Thursday, maybe Wednesday.

I also decided to put some videos up. I will make a video about these 4 games I created with this project in the middle. I will also put a video with me finnishing this project - making it ( programming and all ). I got the idea Jayenkai. You can find his youtube channel here:

That is all for now. Good night.


  1. If you base your updating off of a timer, instead of frame rate, you will get a consistent speed, regardless of any changes in FPS.

  2. Yea I changed that now. It works nice now.