Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazy Coin Skydiver

Hello there. Here it is. Crazy coin skydiver. I made up the name in 5 second when I was making the menu :D. So what it is. It is a arcade style short little fun??.. game.

All I can say is, that it nice to play when you have nothing else to do. Easy to play ( I also hope to understand ) but hard to master :D Well not really. Try to get a high score. :P


Picture of gameplay:


Arrow keys to move.

Hold "A" to draw. 

Draw a circle around the coin to collect it ( it needs to be some kind of circle ). The game will automaticly detect if you made it :D

Draw a line ( horizontal / vertical ) and then release "A" to attack. The line will explode the enemy.

Don't touch the enemyes (  blue guys ) :D

That is all I have to say.

Link again:



  1. Nice job!
    This game is hard! The blue guys are really fast. I wish you could make the explosions with non-straight lines. Right now my strategy is to just move back and forth spamming explosive horizontal lines (and ignoring the coins).

    The game has a good feel to it and I like the sprites, but shouldn't the blue guys be coming from the top of the screen (since they're falling)?

    How did you do the circle-detection stuff? That seems pretty cool.

  2. Hey. Thanks. Yea I know the game is hard. But I don't think the blue guys are too fast. I can easily meneuever between them while killing them normaly and colecting coins. Probably I got realy good at it when I was testing the game. Nice tactic :D
    Well they come from under because..... well you are falling faster and get to them... kinda.
    For the detection it is realy simple, I will make a post about it in the folowing days. :D
    Thanks for playing:D

  3. my best so far was 113 but it was 3 min after downloading.. It is a good time waster.. the game is good overall but its kinda fast,i can get the hang of killing other skydivers but while trying to do that and collect coins at the same time is kinda hard. great work!!

  4. Thanks. Well if you want to know I got a highscore of somewhere 9000 points :D I am realy good at it :D
    Thanks again.