Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ireland - Post #1

A warm hello from Ireland. I am one day late with the post, but I was kinda busy yesterday with other stuff.
So for those who don't know what I am talking about. I went to Ireland for 3 weeks to work for an IT company. I'm in Cork, which is a really nice city in the south part of Ireland. The company I work for is a 15 minutes bus drive out of Cork, but it's nothing compared to the usuall 1 hour trip to school :D I really like the company, it kinda suits me, currently I am working on some Python development. But this was only the first day, we will see how it goes in the comming 2.5 weeks.
Here are some pictures which I took with my super HD 2 mega pixel phone camera. Kinda low quality and blury, but you get the idea.

Here is a picture taken from the plane. I think we were still over Croatia when this was taken. We then arrived in Paris where we had to go on another plane, but we missed it. Poor organisation. So we had to wait for a few hours at the airport. Kinda reminded me on the movie "Terminal"
A laptop is very usefull when you are stuck at the airport :)
A picture of me at the airport. We had nothing better to do so we took some pictures.

So then we finally got to board our plane to Dublin. We arrived late to Dublin and because we missed our first plane, we had no transportation to Cork. So we spend the first night in a hostel with a nice bar at the entrance :)
So we went out a little to check out Dublin at night. This was the first Guinness order. I might insult some Irish people now, but I can't stand the taste of Guinness, so that was also the last glass of Guinness for me.
So on Tuesday we took the bus to Cork. It was a long 4 hour drive, but we survived it. After all the greetings and stuff we arrived in our appartments. This is the living/kitchen room. A normal students apartment.
And this is my room. There are 3 of us in each apartment and everyone has his own room. It's small, but cozy.
And that is all for the first post. I will try to post a new something new as soon as I got some nice pictures to add.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Going to Ireland

As I said, I'm going to Ireland tomorrow. So no new videos till I come back. I'm going to take pictures off the trip and everything so be tuned and check the blog for updates. I think that will make this blog a little more interesting.

Expect a post on Tuesday :)