Friday, April 6, 2012

Some new small games in development

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A new video was released where you can see them in action, but let’s talk “business”.

I will try to be short in this post. As I said before I’m working on the documentation as always. I have to finish it this weekend so I hope that I won’t have to mention in again. I hate it.

The two new games are Deep Green and Vuzball!. Vuzball is a game I made in a day and now I’m just adding some final touches so that it’s fun to play. It’s a simple clone of another game and it was just something I did for fun.

I already posted the code on GitHub. It’s a quite ugly code so don’t expect much from it.

The other project is Deep Green. It’s a game that I have worked on some time ago and I decided to finish it. I ported the whole thing from the old quick code to my box2d “framework” and now it works even better. I’ll try to make something out of this one but you never know.

So that’s about it for this post. Now off to work on the documentation.