Monday, January 5, 2009

Battle Pong complete

So yesterday I finished battle pong and posted the link on I am werry happy that I finished the game. All together it took me somewhere 10 hours to make the game. And I finished it in time (Till the end of holidays).
Here is a pucture of the menu:

I like the graphics, because they look like those older pong ( retro like ). You can chose 2 or 4 players and there is even a exit button :D:D. After some testing I found out that you can make costum keys but it was a process that I didn't haved time or the mood to implement. And I think the buttons are good.

Pictures of ingame:

Here is the 2 player game. I quickly included a wall but the other things are the same. The padles can go over the score so you can't see them but that doesn't matter.

And here we have the 4 player game. It stayed preaty much the same as it was before. The only thing is that i removed the glitch that the ball can colide with the paddle so, that is bounces around like mad.

The music in the game is from Mega Man. You can get it from
It is a nice site and I will probably use it further.

Well that is the main thing about the game. I will post a longer "discusion" about it but this is all for now.

Here is the link to download (Yes it is rapidshare again, but I didn't wanted to wait for SourceForge, and those 30 second of wait and 2 second of download are not a problem I think.) 

I will take 2 or 3 days off from programming and play games :P But I will start doing more this week. I alredy have a nice idea for the next game ( and it won't be easy ( I mean it!) );

Blog you someday.


  1. Can You make a c++ type of game for me.. please..

  2. or the source code of this game in c++ . Thank you so much.