Thursday, January 15, 2009

FInaly did something

Nothing to brag about. Today I finally learned something. I was thinking the other way how to do animation with more pictures ( not in a sprite ). I send a e-mail to Petri ( the man behind Kloonigames ) because he was doing it some way with more pictures. And he gave me an answer. So I made a animation test with it. And it worked. But I realized that using clips from one image (sprite) is way better. I never really liked clips so that is maybe the cause that I first wanted to know the hard way. But now that I did it - i like it. So I checked animation on my "list of things to learn".

I hope I will do some learning in string imput, saving, particle engines and frame independent movement (really important) in the next following days. Then I will hopefully start on a new project.

( Soo yeah. Sprites rule :P )

And for the "monday experiment" i said I will post. Well the thing I did was a game design document for my 2 games that I needed to present my game to my teacher. So I can get a grade. It is in my language so I won't post it ( you wudn't understand it).

So blog you tommorow.

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