Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good morning

It is 10:30 AM and I just finished my explosion thingie. After I made that very simple particle engine I implemented in the same program frame independent movement, so now the ball moves at the same speed no mater how much FPS you have. In Battle Pong this was a problem on some computers, because I got posts that the game runs very choppy and lags ( I don't know what for a computer they had, because it runs on my computer nice(AND it is old)). So with frame independent movemt this shud not happen again.

Back to the particle engine. I modified it so that now it looks kinda like an eplosion. Well OK the particles don't look like an eplosion but they move like it. And I like it. Here are some pictures:

(Here is the explosion start)

(Here I moved up as the explosion progressed. I think it looks nice)

So I learned all the things I need for my next game. Well I think. It is going to be a big project (well big for my knowlage of making games).
Here is some info.

-It is going to be a kinda copy/ripof of the space invaders.
-It is for 2 players, player 1 is the defender as we all know, the other player controls the alliens and gives them powers and so on.
-I will try to make it look as retro as posible, many pixels effect, bluring, bit thing, idk....
- The scrooring sistem is like a money sistem, the players will use point to buy weapons, power ups, and soo on.

So the idea is Space Invaders only with diffrent gameplay style. One players defends the plabes the other wants ot destroy it. I will try to make is as fun and dast as posible because I think it will give you a nice effect. I still need to do many things on paper, because I don't want to get to a point where I will need to delete code to implement something, soo I will first think about how it will be maked.

Blog you tommorow

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