Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Project start

Hello everyone. I didn't post anything for a long time. That is because the thing I had last week. I was on a lan party from wednesday to sunday night. 5 days without internet. It was realy nice. So yesterday I started with the project. As I said. And this time I will do it in 1 week. A lot of progress has been done the last 2 days.

First some screenies:

Here I am drawing a circle with the "flare" I kinda like the effect.

Here you can see the "flare circle" collision box. When you draw a circle arround something to pick it up. A collision box is created withing the circle. I just made it visible so it is easier to work with it while programming. Also the amout of particles is so big because I was just drawing a lot of zigzag lines on the whole screen.

Here you can see the line attack. I made a horizontal line and IDK what started to fly up and down. You see that the line isn't realy straigh, that's because everything moves up. Like it is falling from the sky and you are faster that it.

As you can see many things have been done. Manly the important things. The gfx are kind edgy but I kinda like it when everything moves. I will maybe change the player sprite and the coin sprite is .... mario like... oh well :P

Here is what is done:

- Player movement

- Flare drawing

- Circle and line detection including everything included to this feature

- Particle effects

- Coint and picking up coins

- ....... more stuff I dont remember

I need to start on the combo system tomorrow. There is a lot of work on it so I hope it will be good.

Bye for now. 


  1. That looks pretty cool. I can't really figure out exactly what it's supposed to be, but maybe that's a good thing. Crazy art styles always end up very interesting.

  2. nice seems really pixelated i lold at the little sprite guy

  3. Yea the player sprite is kinda weird :D

  4. which API are you using for your game? And what type of game is it supposed to be?

  5. Well the game will be some kind of a quick arcade style game. Just something to fill in some minutes when you are bored. I am programming in C++ using SDL. I have writen a long article of what I use. Linki: