Monday, June 22, 2009

Official start of vacations

Hello. It is monday and it's 11 AM. Outside it is raining and it is just a perfect day to do something on the computer. I played games for the last 2 weeks and I think I have enough. I completed Diablo 2 on 2 difficulities, played many PSX games, reinstalled Starcraft and many COD... and many thing between. Now it is going to be time to start working on developing. But the first week is alredy full. Ok today I got some time, tomorrow someone needs help but I will probably find some time. Then on wednesday I have to go to school to get my "certificate" and if the weather will be nice we go camping. Then on friday when I come home, there is a LAN party. The party is from wednesday to sunday, but I am camping for 2 days. 

As you can see I have little time this week. But I want to complete the game in 1 week. So I can't start on it today because I can't work on it the whole week. Yep that means that I will start next week. I have nothing else in plan after this week so I will have plenty of time.

Blueberry garden came out last week. I sadly can't play it. I tryed the demo but the game just had an extreme lag on my 1 core computer. Maybe someday when I have a new computer I will play it.

Also Cactus released a new game. And he made it in 3 hours. It is amazing. I played it and loved it. It is just amazing what he makes. Everything is so nice. I also love the gfx. So simple but so great, I wish I could make something like that. Link.

That is all for today. Bye

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