Sunday, June 7, 2009

Damn it!

I am realy pissed up right now so forgive me about the misstakes I will write in this post or if I will use bad words :P. 

So here is the status.

Today I started on the project. I alredy made the countdown on my site and as you  can see, I have only 6 more days. And very little is done, because today I only had 1 hour time to do something. We were on a visit somewhere and the rest was my brother on. It is realy hard to work if you have a brother and have to share your computer. I also had an argue with my mom. All i said was a "No" but I apparently said it so that she gave me a 1 day computer ban. Damn it!!!!!!!!! And the question that she gave me was about clothes !!!!!! I am realy pissed. That means that tomorrow I probably won't do anything because she will lock up my room. But I will leave the timer as it is, and try to complete the game in the 5 days that will be left. Maybe I will make it.

Nothing else to say. I will go to sleep now and try to cool down.


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