Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello holidays!

Good day everyone. I havent posted for some time. I have beed playing Diablo 2 a lot. I probably added many hours on my Xfire account. Well but that how it is. And Diablo is just a great game so you realy can't stop play it. 

I realy can't wait for Diablo 3:

Now something about the project. 

First: start date... it isn't going to be tomorrow. Well I think it won't. The holidays are here so I will have enoug time. I will just take the first some days for other things.

Now for some basic info about the game. I still don't have a name for it, so the project name in VS is Skydiver. I will think about the name later. It will be a arcade style game. The gfx are realy retro ( big pixels and simple ). You fall from the sky and try to get the highscore. You get point by collecting things and "destroying" other skydivers. I will probably add many particle effects :D. The interestinh thing is, that for all the actions, you use a "movement patter dettection". Weird name. Basicly when you want, you draw a line with your flare. Then you make a circle arround something to collect it or make a line, that explodes.

Quick picture drawn in paint in 1 minute:

(don't laugh)

This is all I have to say. I will post something tomorrow. Bye. 

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