Sunday, February 6, 2011

Me and My Shadow - SourceForge

Just a quick little post here. A week ago a programmer named Omer Bahri Gordebak started making a clone of my game. So I contacted him and gave him the source code of my game. After that I agreed that he can open a SourceForge project so that everyone can work on the game. The game is now under the GPLv3 licence and everyone who wants to add stuff to it (ether engine, gfx or sound) should go to the SourceForge site. I hope that some of you will  add something to the game.

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January game: RedLetterBox

Phew! That was quite a rush now. But I did it, a new game is here. I call it "RedLetterBox in GreenSpace". Yea the name was invented in 2 seconds.

Play it HERE
Only the arrow keys are needed. Music credit goes to RushJet1.

As you can see it is a really simple game where you just move around to the exit. I just had to do something quick because the game is a Gi2D (Game in 2 Days). Total time spent on making the game 6-8 hours. And the game is made in.... ActionScript3. Yes that is right. I decided that I will learn AS3 this month and I did. And with it I learned FlashPunk from Chevy Ray. I must say that AS3 is a really good language and the FlashPunk engine is really nice. But I did had some frustrating moments with level handling because I didn't know the framework enough. But overall it is a great combination for someone who is starting out with game dev or moving from GameMaker.

One downside was that had to run a virtual Windows on my unix (Arch Linux) to be able to run FlashDevelop. It worked flawless  on my computer but they really should make a native Unix port because it is a great IDE. I really needed some IDE because I was completely new to AS3 and FlashPunk and emacs just doesn't has any good as3 plugin.

For the next month or two I am planning something bigger so maybe February won't see a new game. I also have a lot of school projects to finish in February so development could go down a little on my priority list. But I hope that something good will come out eventually.

Thanks for playing the game and reading my blog. Bye for today.