Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and polymorphism

First I have to dissapoint you that there are no news about a new project. It is easter now and there is other stuff to do.

But I have been learning. I learned polymorphism and inheriance. Then I learned to make game states based on poly.... Till now I have ben using switch game states. I also lerned scroling. So you move around the level. Finaly I started on tiling and level editor. I somehow understand how tiling workd by reading a file and I will learn how to make a level editor tomorrow. I also made some console apps to try my new skills.

I also need to mention Braid. It is one of the greatest games I played. I also put it on the first place on my list of best indie games. Cave story is now 2nd.

A realy great game with epic story and epic gameplay.

Hear you tomorrow. ( I think ).


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  2. Braid is awesome!

    Polymorphism is great for game items.

    -- Weapon
    --- Bladed -> abstract swing() function
    ---- Sword
    ----- short sword
    ----- long sword
    ---- axe
    --- Projectile -> abstract shoot() function
    ---- Bow and arrow
    ---- Gun
    ----- machine gun

  3. Yep is find many usefullnes every day :D

    Spelled wrong :P

  4. lol I like the title of this entry. "Easter and polymorphism." Very different categories of things.

  5. Did you buy Braid? :)

  6. Well, not realy to be honest. I bought it half and a friend half. Then we shared it. We are short on cash. :P