Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer time

It looks like that a few months have passed since the last post, so I'd say that I could update the blog with some current information.

Summer work

As I said two posts back, I got a job offer in Ireland. I decided to take the job, since it's a real difference from previous summers and I can see how it is to work on some real software and not my projects. I have been living here for a month now and the job is nice. It's interesting stuff with something new every week; it keeps me working all the time, and gives me a sense that I actually do something useful instead of just sitting at home on my computer doing who knows what. All in all, it's great; but I won't write too much about it. I have a month too go and then I return home.


I haven't updated anything about this ether. I successfully finished my first year and start my second in October. I have to say that college absorbs most of your 'will power'; and kinda leaves you with no motivation to work on personal projects. But that's just how studying is, what can you do. This year I have to decide on course selection, it's ether 'enhanced reality' or 'intelligent agents'. I think I will go with the latter, since I prefer artificial intelligence and language interpretation. We will see how this year will go. All together I still have two more years till I finish.

Personal stuff

There are a few things that happened in the last months. First of all, the book that I was reviewing was published. I have no idea how it's selling and stuff like that, but it's not really in my interest. Let's just leave that topic.
A bigger thing I did was that I made my Udemy course paid again, 9$ this time. I kinda decided to give one last go on the paid course thing, and since I gathered over 5000 students while it was free I thought that maybe now it could go. And it works. It's not a lot of money, but it really helps a lot. I know some people don't like that it's paid, but I also have to get some income somewhere and it's the cheapest it can be on Udemy. I think that my Youtube subscribers got the course when it was free, so that shouldn't be a problem. Currently it will stay priced until the sales more or less stop.
Even though most of my time here is focused on the job, I was still playing around with some ideas. I'm planning on switching up most of the libraries I use for game development, and learning OpenGL 3 while doing so. I think that I will have to know it sometime, so why not now. It's quite hard moving from intermediate OpenGL 2 into the new pipeline, but I will manage it somehow. I'm also planning on discarding SDL, SDL_image and FTGL for more lightweight libraries like GLFW, SOIL and plain FreeType. It's a lot of work and I will see how it goes when I actually start working on that. This also means that I will kinda have to close up RedFramework. I was still planning on adding Box2D to it, but it seams that will have to wait for RedFramework 2.0, or whatever I will call it. It's quite a thing again and I don't know when I will start with it or when I will even be close to finishing, but it's kinda on top of my head now.

That's all folks, I hope this shed some information about my whereabouts. I will see when my next post will be, I could try posting more often with content that's not related to me, but I'll see. As you also noticed I changed the blog theme to something more simple, the dynamic template was slow to load and use, so this works much better. Bye.