Monday, February 23, 2009

New addicting Indie game

Hello. These days I haven't done anything on the project because I was playing Spelunky. It is a free game from a great Indie developer named Derek Yu ( I think is is speled like this ) and made in Game Maker. Yep in Game Maker. He is a master! Well I got the game on a dvd from a subscribed magazine and befere some days I give it a try. Installed, played and couldn't stop. The game is soooo great to play. It is also very hard but you keep playing it.

The game is a roguelike + indiana Jones + idk something very fun. Every time you get to a level is is randomly generated so you can't be sure what to expect. I don't know how he managed to make that.

Here is a link to his site, you can find more about it there:

And on TIGsource

I realy recomend the game for4 anyone that is bored and all those who like to try new things. The game will suck you in and you will keep playing it again and again.

Here are some screenies and video:

(This is a little older version missing some things that the newest has but it the comentator explais a loot about the game)

Try the game it is great.

From my project I haven't done anything. We have holidays now and I am sure I will do something if not complete it.

Bye. I will go make dinner now......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Paper Airplane finished

Yesterday i finished Paper Airplane. You can find it on this link:

The project was verry easy and it took me 3 hours to complete. I was like watching tv and eating between so like 2 hours of work have been put in the game. The game is like only for people with patiance, nerves and the time to memorize the level if they want to complete the game. I tested the game and it can be completed but my score from start to death is 5200. In point I can't say how long the game is but i think it is over 6000. So good luck completing it.

For my big project Space Invaders I will try to get back to work.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Other project

Well the second project that has to be finished in 3 days is going well. I have done most of the thing today. The only thing neded to be done is the level design, which is going to take some time and the menu. Then it will be done. The total time on the project is 1,5 hours. It is all going as it shud. Game maker is great for such small project.

I think it looks like the original. For the original pictures search google pictures "Paper Airplane mobile".

No progres has been done on Space Invaders Versus


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Again a update

Yea. I didn't post anything useful these days and I didn't do anything on the project but I did a few days before the shooting and collision detection. I works perfect. I hope I will do something tomorrow. I say this every time, but well. Here is a picture of the current game:

As you can see, i killed many enemies. If you kill a whole row on the left or the right, then they will move more right or left, soo they always turn around just before they touch the walls.

Today I took a another project on my shoulder. In school, a friend was playing a simple game on the phone. It was a game where you fly a paper plane in a tunnel and avoid obstacles. You press a button to fly up and if you release the button you go down. It is simple but addicting. When we were watching as he broke a record some one came up with an idea that I should make the game for the computers. I said yes. And I said that it will be done in 1 week. I think I can make it in like 2 days because I will make it in Game Maker. I decided to make such small games and projects in Game Maker ( game quickies ).

Updating tomorrow. Bye

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Space Invaders Versus update

Here is a update for my current project. For the past 3 days I have been searching help on forums and dealing with a error that was unknown to me. After a very useful post on GameDev, someone suggested me that I should use vectors instead of arrays and remove the pointers. Because I didn't know anything about vectors I first read about them and them after few hours of trying sucessfuly changed from array to vector. Then I needed to remove those 50 pointed classes and make them non-pointers (normal). And after additional hours, the game is now bug free. You can finnaly run it without getting a error. And you can add thing in code without getting errors. The total work time on this project is now 10 hours, more that 5 hours are fixing and rewriting the code in a new way to make it bug-free. But I managed to implement shooting, even if there are some minnor things in it to be fixed and enemy movement. They now move like in the original.

Things needed that this project becomes a copy of the original:
- well that you can shot enemys ( collision )
- those blocks for defense
- score

This will be rpobably done tomorrow, so i will get to a point to a copy of the original. The I will start doing the thing that I want to be... i think i mentioned them somewhere before.

Here is a picture:

(Me moving and shoting, and the enemys moving)

Somewhere at the end, I will add some colorfull particle engine that will move with the bullets and you soo it will look a little nicer. But this is for now.

Blog you tommorow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Talk Talk Talk - TTT

Hello. Well the topic name isn't really a interesting but i haven't got an idea what to write. I decided to post some maybe useful things that can be fount on the web.

But first some update the project. I didn't do the presentation today so I will do it tomorrow and tomorrow there are other things in the school. So all the things for this week will be finished tomorrow. That means that I will have time tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday for the project. Well at least if we don't get anything extra from the school.

So now for some useful things that I like and that I use.

1. Opera web browser
I think that Opera is a great browser. It is really fast and useful. It has mouse gestures detection so you just move a mouse in some motion and yo will go back, open new tab, close a tab and so on. I also noticed that it is faster than other browsers. You ca use speed link in opera, with which you can quickly access you favorite sites.

2. eeeeee... hmmm Keeping you computer clean
Well you shud always keep you computer clean. By clean I mean, stable and good performace not clean from dust, even if less dust is also good.

- CCleaner
CCleaner is a great program to clean your computer from unneeded junk. The best think is that it is free. Just run it and it works

- TuneUp
Nothing to say here. It is a must to have. It isn't free but it is really good to have.

- You shud also defragment you discs every 2 day or every day. Maybe it takes an hour the first time but then is is only few minutes if you do it regulary.

3 . Quick I need a idea..... To all programmers
This is a advice to all programmes who use Visual Studio. It is great but then restrubution is a paint in the ass. I threw away many many hours to find a way that other people don't need unecesary crap on their computer to run my simple game. So what i did. Installed Dev c++, puted my project in there compiled and it run on any compuer. I will probably post a post about this where I will explain it a little more, beacause I think it is a good thing to talk about

Soo I am goint to sleep now and I am out of ideas. I think I will post more about usefull stuff but first I need to find some things.

So blog you tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

School + Programming = ?

Hello. So today I will post something about how school and programming doesn't belong together, at least when you are not programming for the school. Because I am visiting the first year of computer school we still don't do any programming, this comes the next year, so all of my programming is done for myself. So let's take this day as an example:

- 5 AM: I wake up totally sleepy, getting out of the bed somehow and getting ready for school.

- 5.30 AM I go on the train to my school.

- From 6.15 AM to 1.50 PM I am at school

- 2 PM I go on the train home

- 3.10 PM I arrive home happy that a another day is over

Then I just don't do anything smart for like 1 hour

- Somewhere at 4.30 PM I start working on my presentation for Maths for Wednesday.

- Almost finishing the presentation at 6.30 PM

- 7.00 PM I go to the gym to play volleyball

- 8.00 PM: I get home

Then I do homework and learn for school

- 9.00 PM: To late to do something so I watch tv and prepare myself for sleep

- 10.00 PM: I go to sleep because I need to wake up the next day at 5 AM.

And this is a day in my life. Well ok I don't go to gym every day, and if I don't have too much stuff to do for school then I go programming. Considering the times on the computer I have to mention that I share my computer with my little younger brother, and that is a pain in the ass.

As you can see it is hard to program those days before you have something in school because you have to prepare.

Tomorrow I still have to prepare for math but I hope that I will do something useful.

Blog you tomorrow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Space Invaders Versus update

After 1 week I post a post. Well it took me a long time to post something. Because I was posting like 1 post a week maybe 2, I decided to post more frequently. At least 1 post in 2 days. There are many thing I can write about so it can't be such a big problem.

Not to my current project.

Well, I have done some thing like:
- Multiple source files ( this time it went kinda good )
- Some classes are done ( player, enemies )
- The animation of the enemies is done
- when moving you leave a shadow behind you

Well it is some progress but it could have beed much more if I would be programming more.

Here is a picture

You can see a shadow, and the enemies graphics are done.

Tomorrow I need to do some stuff for school but I hope I will finish the animation speed and the movement of the enemies. So they will move like in the original.

Here is a list of some more important things i hope I will finish this week.
- The motion of enemies
- Shooting
- enemies shooting
- those blocks for defense
- some kind of scoring system

Then after this come the thing that will make this game diffrent
- 2 player ( the attacker )
- power ups
- some kind of scoring/money system
- buying system
- some system for enemies to move to a point
..... and soo on

Well bye for today. Blog you tomorrow.