Sunday, February 1, 2009

Space Invaders Versus update

After 1 week I post a post. Well it took me a long time to post something. Because I was posting like 1 post a week maybe 2, I decided to post more frequently. At least 1 post in 2 days. There are many thing I can write about so it can't be such a big problem.

Not to my current project.

Well, I have done some thing like:
- Multiple source files ( this time it went kinda good )
- Some classes are done ( player, enemies )
- The animation of the enemies is done
- when moving you leave a shadow behind you

Well it is some progress but it could have beed much more if I would be programming more.

Here is a picture

You can see a shadow, and the enemies graphics are done.

Tomorrow I need to do some stuff for school but I hope I will finish the animation speed and the movement of the enemies. So they will move like in the original.

Here is a list of some more important things i hope I will finish this week.
- The motion of enemies
- Shooting
- enemies shooting
- those blocks for defense
- some kind of scoring system

Then after this come the thing that will make this game diffrent
- 2 player ( the attacker )
- power ups
- some kind of scoring/money system
- buying system
- some system for enemies to move to a point
..... and soo on

Well bye for today. Blog you tomorrow.

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