Monday, February 23, 2009

New addicting Indie game

Hello. These days I haven't done anything on the project because I was playing Spelunky. It is a free game from a great Indie developer named Derek Yu ( I think is is speled like this ) and made in Game Maker. Yep in Game Maker. He is a master! Well I got the game on a dvd from a subscribed magazine and befere some days I give it a try. Installed, played and couldn't stop. The game is soooo great to play. It is also very hard but you keep playing it.

The game is a roguelike + indiana Jones + idk something very fun. Every time you get to a level is is randomly generated so you can't be sure what to expect. I don't know how he managed to make that.

Here is a link to his site, you can find more about it there:

And on TIGsource

I realy recomend the game for4 anyone that is bored and all those who like to try new things. The game will suck you in and you will keep playing it again and again.

Here are some screenies and video:

(This is a little older version missing some things that the newest has but it the comentator explais a loot about the game)

Try the game it is great.

From my project I haven't done anything. We have holidays now and I am sure I will do something if not complete it.

Bye. I will go make dinner now......


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