Sunday, March 1, 2009

Space Invaders Versus update

Hello. I havent posted for a long time but I have done something on my current project. o here are some updates:

I added the scoring system. It is made in the style that if you "combo" kills then in show how much you gathered under the score. It also gives you a bonus depending how high your score is. Then after few seconds it adds it to your score. Here is a picture:

I think that you have seen this scoring system before.

The next thing i added were the blocks for defense as I like to call them. You can shot them, they can shot them and they get destroyed. They aren't made as in the original because those took over 20 hits to get completly destroyed. I wan't it to be mnore fast paced.

(How they are destroyed.)

I also added music and the sound effect when the enemy is destroyed. The songs i got from a great site called

The sound effect are made with a nice program called musagi. You can find it here

As you can see all the thing are in for the game to be a copy of the original. Well the menu is not there and the levels but still. Now it is time to add these things:

-buying system

-particle engine ( destroyed enemies, explosion..... )

- cool ( i hope) weapons

- 2nd player that plays diffrently

-need to change the graphics to more colorful and change the ship gfx


Bye for now. I will post about the indie games that i was playing these days also. They are great.

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