Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project update

As I promised. Here I am. Now let's come to the game.

First, I was working on some problems with the bomb today, it took me 1 hour to find a way to fix it and I lost all the mood to work more today. But I will continiue tommorow.

A list of thing that have been done from the previous update:

- A buying system

- Some powers for 1 player ( all the powers work nice )

- Ship gfx

-........ well some fixes and so

Here you can see the buying system in action. You select stuff with the up and down buttons and then buy something. I think that the prices are good or even to low because you can get the score up fast if you know how and you complete a level fast. Levels are still not implemented

Here i am shoting with the triple power. As you can see it shots 3 times. I don't know if I shud make the power time limited or you use it as long as you want. Maybe some other thing that it should trigger it down. The same works with the double.

This is an example of the bomb shot. You buy it and then you can shot it when you want. You can buy more of them if you can. 

And here I exploded the bomb with the same button. It then creates some particles that fly in random ways. If you shot this in a group you can easyly destroy anything there.

There is still a lot to be done. First I will focus on making these powers and some counters and timers. Then I will make levels and a menu. I think that is when the beta is going to be relessed. Then I will start doing the rest. I hope I will work on it more because in the last time I dodn't really do much.

Now i go to sleep, my eyes are alredy closing.