Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From the darkness :P

Hello. I havent posted for a long time now and it seams, that it would be nice if I sud post something again. 

As you can see I updated my blog a little. I added some sites I follow and updated my profile with a nice picture. :P

It seams that my blog is getting a lot more traffic than usually nad there are some people that follow my site. Thanks for the support, I didn't think that anyone will follow my site. For the last week I have also been folowing the "A game a week" blog. He made a game in 1 week. Is is a nice game and fun to play. Great job. Visit his site with the link to see more.

The game gets the approved stamp for great work and fun to play. :P:P

Now let's continiue. I have also made some progress on Space Invaders Versus. I changed the ship gfx. The buying system is also complete ( except for the unlocking of wepons ), so now you can buy wepons with points. I made the following powers: repairing blocks, double shot and triple shot ( self-explainatory (probably not whriten right ) ) and a bomb. You buy the bomb and then shot it with a button, when you want to explode it you press the same button again. I think it is very useful. 

I will post more updates for the game later including pictures. I will now go programm and add other things. I will update later ( somewhere at 8 or 9 PM, that is 4 hours away from now because i think the time on my site isn't working right). 

There has also been a loot of stuff in school these days and the next week is going to be stresfull. There are few tests now that are really important.

I will also try to post some new indie games that I found and played.

Bye for now. And sorry for the long text post without any interesting pictures.


  1. Thanks for the plug! I'm impressed with what you have so far. If you're doing this well at 15, then you definitely have a good path ahead of you.

  2. Thanks. It is very motivating if someone says something like this to you. I also thank you that you motivated me so I give a harder push on my current project.