Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some updates and news

Here I am again... First some info on my no posting. Well, we had a LAN party this weekend and it was great. I went on the party on friday night and came home on sunday on 5 PM. Then I needed to set-up my camputser and went doing some reports for school that took me that whole day. On monday I was changins some themes on xp and trying new stuf that I got.

Space Invaders Versus

Some updates for the game. I was doing some gfx updates. I colorized the game verry much so it looks better now. I hope it isn't to colorful. Here are some pictures.

You can see that it is verry colorful now. Only the gfx of the ship and his shadow aren't changes. I will do that later. 

I need to start programming now. Many thing need to be done: weapons, buying system, menus, 2 players, levels, lotttt of stuffff, gfx effects.....


The problem is that I have a lot of thing to do for school. First, I just remembered that I have to write 250 words about myself till tommorow for my English class. I think that I will do that in 1 hour. Then I have a big project till monday. I have to make a presentation ( in word ) of over 50 C++ programs that my teacher gave me. I have to post from every programm the source code, a picture of the programm and then comment the programm.  This is going to become one bi word file. Till now I completed 8 programms and they just keep getting bigger. Even if I really take my time to do this it will take 2 or 3 days to complete. 

There are also other thing to do and we also write a test in 2 days but I think it will go fine. I will try to post some updates about other things, because I won't be ablo to work on my project for few days.

Blog you soon. Bye

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