Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fall Climber

Here is my newest "game". I just called it Fall Climber. I said the theme is fall so yea. I is a really really simple game that can be used as a screensaver. So I just call it a screensaver game. But it is also a game. 


(... why is the image quality bad? ... )

The main objective is to gather points with the line. The leafs will explode into points and you gather them. The points are showed in the bottom. I suggest to read the README ( or BERIME if you are Slovene).


The game was made in 10 hours but I will more say 8 because there was a lot of problem solving in VS ( which I solved and it is a stupid thing ). 

You need OpenGL support or else you won't see a darn thing ( only quads ).

Hope you like it even if it is that simple. 

I will now start working more on games and also post more. I hope. But I really got the programming "force" back.

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