Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Project: Space Invaders Versus

I will make this short. I posted in my previous post some details so I won't post them again. This is a quick picture I did.

This is a test on how it may look. But as you can see the enemies are only one kind and they are not from the original. But I like them so they will stay. Next thing I need to do is to make different enemies. And put them more on the screen. The boxes left and right are for the powerups. The players will use up and down to use them.

This is only a picture. Nothing of the game exists. First I will do this to see how it will look.

Blog you tommorow

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good morning

It is 10:30 AM and I just finished my explosion thingie. After I made that very simple particle engine I implemented in the same program frame independent movement, so now the ball moves at the same speed no mater how much FPS you have. In Battle Pong this was a problem on some computers, because I got posts that the game runs very choppy and lags ( I don't know what for a computer they had, because it runs on my computer nice(AND it is old)). So with frame independent movemt this shud not happen again.

Back to the particle engine. I modified it so that now it looks kinda like an eplosion. Well OK the particles don't look like an eplosion but they move like it. And I like it. Here are some pictures:

(Here is the explosion start)

(Here I moved up as the explosion progressed. I think it looks nice)

So I learned all the things I need for my next game. Well I think. It is going to be a big project (well big for my knowlage of making games).
Here is some info.

-It is going to be a kinda copy/ripof of the space invaders.
-It is for 2 players, player 1 is the defender as we all know, the other player controls the alliens and gives them powers and so on.
-I will try to make it look as retro as posible, many pixels effect, bluring, bit thing, idk....
- The scrooring sistem is like a money sistem, the players will use point to buy weapons, power ups, and soo on.

So the idea is Space Invaders only with diffrent gameplay style. One players defends the plabes the other wants ot destroy it. I will try to make is as fun and dast as posible because I think it will give you a nice effect. I still need to do many things on paper, because I don't want to get to a point where I will need to delete code to implement something, soo I will first think about how it will be maked.

Blog you tommorow

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Post for some update

It is Tuesday. A kinda long day is behind me. Today I needed to do a lot of stuff for the school, needed to do some presentations for school for grades and in all this I also did some programming practice.

Today I did a nice particle engine. It looks really nice but I will need to upgrade it a little. It shouldn't be hard to make a explosion particle effect out of this. That is what I need for my next project. Doing all those particles is is a little more complex but I learned a lot from it.

Tomorrow I have to also do more stuff for school but I hope I will learn frame independent movement.

(This is the simplest form I did)

Blog you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long day

So today was a long day. We were skiing the whole day. Everything hurts me. I fell so many times and so bad, that you could put it on youtube. Well I am off to watch a movie. I will do something tomorrow.

Blog you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

FInaly did something

Nothing to brag about. Today I finally learned something. I was thinking the other way how to do animation with more pictures ( not in a sprite ). I send a e-mail to Petri ( the man behind Kloonigames ) because he was doing it some way with more pictures. And he gave me an answer. So I made a animation test with it. And it worked. But I realized that using clips from one image (sprite) is way better. I never really liked clips so that is maybe the cause that I first wanted to know the hard way. But now that I did it - i like it. So I checked animation on my "list of things to learn".

I hope I will do some learning in string imput, saving, particle engines and frame independent movement (really important) in the next following days. Then I will hopefully start on a new project.

( Soo yeah. Sprites rule :P )

And for the "monday experiment" i said I will post. Well the thing I did was a game design document for my 2 games that I needed to present my game to my teacher. So I can get a grade. It is in my language so I won't post it ( you wudn't understand it).

So blog you tommorow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back from nothing

It has been a week since my last post. In my last post I said that I will start doing something this week, but as always, I didn't. Lazynes is a big problem of mine. Many thing happened in this week including a full hard drive crash. Don't ask what I was doing, and I will never do it again. But it isn't my fault. Well all I need to say for this that you shud never use "fixboot c:" command in windows recovery console.

Lets continue: After formating the hard drive and loosing everything I had. Well that all was my nice set-up windows, many work for school and some small but important things. Well no whining, I installed windows and set-up anything I need. My computer now runs smooth. I didn't install any games because they are my weakness. The only games I will play now is Indie games. Talking about that and because I won't post anything else today, lets say something about Indie games.

I am a (I think it is spelled fann ) big fann of Indie games. I discovered them few years age when I found the site Independent Games Festival and took a look at the games. Tryed some and loved them. Because how the game are made by only few people, how many work and love is put in them. And what comes out is a great game that needs to be played.

First I need to mention is Kloonigames. One man named Petri Purho makes a game every month. Well for last few months he has been working on a game called Crayon Physics Deluxe which is a great game where you draw you solution for the puzzles on the screen. I recommend it.

Then let me tell you about a game called Cave Story. It is a game I have been playing for the last 2 days and it is awsome. The graphics are werry nice and the gameplay is incredible. Go to the site and try it.

Here is a additional link to Indie games.
The Independent gamig source
You can find many great Indie games there.

So I will finish my post here. Tommorow is school and we whrite a test. I hope it will go good.
I hope I will post something tommorow about my project or something about progarmming. Maybe a monday experiment.

Blog you tommorow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Battle Pong complete

So yesterday I finished battle pong and posted the link on I am werry happy that I finished the game. All together it took me somewhere 10 hours to make the game. And I finished it in time (Till the end of holidays).
Here is a pucture of the menu:

I like the graphics, because they look like those older pong ( retro like ). You can chose 2 or 4 players and there is even a exit button :D:D. After some testing I found out that you can make costum keys but it was a process that I didn't haved time or the mood to implement. And I think the buttons are good.

Pictures of ingame:

Here is the 2 player game. I quickly included a wall but the other things are the same. The padles can go over the score so you can't see them but that doesn't matter.

And here we have the 4 player game. It stayed preaty much the same as it was before. The only thing is that i removed the glitch that the ball can colide with the paddle so, that is bounces around like mad.

The music in the game is from Mega Man. You can get it from
It is a nice site and I will probably use it further.

Well that is the main thing about the game. I will post a longer "discusion" about it but this is all for now.

Here is the link to download (Yes it is rapidshare again, but I didn't wanted to wait for SourceForge, and those 30 second of wait and 2 second of download are not a problem I think.) 

I will take 2 or 3 days off from programming and play games :P But I will start doing more this week. I alredy have a nice idea for the next game ( and it won't be easy ( I mean it!) );

Blog you someday.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Battle Pong progress: Day 3

Here is what I have done today:

- The collision now works nice. (There is a glitch but I will leave it because it is a nice thing :D )
- Ball speeds up after a while.
- All the things with the fonts are done.
- Scoring works
- When the ball is out it generates somewhere in the middle.
- A manu is done ( I did it with a game state switch)
The menu needs a some work with the graphics, because it wonts have fonts.

Here is a picture of a menu:

Nothing special but i have done it to test if I can make a state machine ( a game state). I will explain about this when all is done.

Here is a picture of in game:

As you can see all of the things are done. I don't know if I will add better graphics.
It is also funny because the finnal product looks the same as i drawed it when I posted about it and how it will look.

I will probably more or less finnish the game tommorow. What i need ot do is:
- Finnish the menu (Add "nice" graphics and more choses)
- Make 2 player (This shudn't be hard to do because I have most of the thing alredy done)
- Add sounds :D
- Maybe credits
- Nothing more i think.

The particle thing and powerups won't be done. Because they are not needed.

So blog you tommorow.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year

So here we are. 2009!!!. I wish anyone a happy and nice year, lots of luck and frends.

Tommorow I will post some progress on Battle pong if I will do something.

Blog you in this new year.