Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some update

Hello there. It is almost christmas. I wrote the last test yesterday and now the holidays came. I still should go to school these 2 days but I am sick again. Oh well... I play really little games these days from the release. I don't know why but I kinda stick to development, even if only in my head. So I made a good idea for the next project.

This project is going to be a longer one probably. A big project, probably my biggest. I think it is time that I make something really polished and all. I just hope I will get through with the graphics which are my weak point. Well I think some super cool animated detailed cubes will also work. I will try to make my best. I will also learn FMOD. Some better sound output is needed. Yea I will even add sound and all. It will really be a big game and I think it will be very fun to play. I really hope I will finish it. What it will be. For now I can say a 2D platform action shooter. I will try to make the platforming quick like something in Meat Boy but with slow motion shooting. Maybe it sound a little weird :D

I have played to much Meat boy these days :D I found a great show I think every indie should watch. Bytejacker

I want thissssss :D

Bye for now.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fall Climber

Here is my newest "game". I just called it Fall Climber. I said the theme is fall so yea. I is a really really simple game that can be used as a screensaver. So I just call it a screensaver game. But it is also a game. 


(... why is the image quality bad? ... )

The main objective is to gather points with the line. The leafs will explode into points and you gather them. The points are showed in the bottom. I suggest to read the README ( or BERIME if you are Slovene).


The game was made in 10 hours but I will more say 8 because there was a lot of problem solving in VS ( which I solved and it is a stupid thing ). 

You need OpenGL support or else you won't see a darn thing ( only quads ).

Hope you like it even if it is that simple. 

I will now start working more on games and also post more. I hope. But I really got the programming "force" back.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sickness attack

Hello there. I have been sick from Wednesday till Friday. So I haven't worked on the game. I was throwing up and wasn't able to do more that lying on the bed. OK not of Friday, I was in a better shape then. But I had to make an excuse for not making the game. I planed to release it this weekend but I lost some days back then. I haven't worked today ether. I really have to find a way to get myself to work. I WILL TRY to work on the game tomorrow. Maybe even finish it. I know that I can complete it in around 5-6 hours. But you know how I am. I was more productive in the past.

I also have to say that MW2 is a great game. :D

If someone has an idea why textures aren't blited when I am debugging an game (they are when I run them in their directory), then help me out.

I just remembered and older game from Petri Purho. Try it out if you didn't.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fast little post

Hello there. This will be a quick update. I will post longer tomorrow. Sadly I didn't made the 2 games in the vacations but what did you expect after that lazyness attack. But I started working again. It is going really nice till now. All the main swinging action works.


Really simple graphics for now. The only problem till now is, the leafs are textured when I run the game in its directory. But when I am using the debugger in VS then they are drawn as rectangles. Don't know why. I want to see the textured when debugging. Total work time on project: eeeee ~3 hours. I hope it will be done quickly.

Also a video I made - for CoD fans. HD on YouTube.

Good night.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holidays are here...

Hello there. So much about my regular posting :D. But lets leave that beside. School is going very well and I have been able to get many grades. There is only 1 more test tomorrow. English... I hope it will go good. After that HOLIDAYS!!! Well Is till have to go to school on friday but we have computer practice all day and that is easy. Holidays are from 23th - 31th of october. 1 week and 2 weekends. I also don't have to learn for anything because I did many stuff already. Plenty of time to make games. The weather is also perfect for it ( cloudy and cold, fast wind, no sun ). 

For the current project. Well.... there has been stuff in school. So no time. I also don't really like the overall gameplay of the project that I planed. But I will rethink about the idea tomorrow and start working on it. It will be a rapid game. Like 3-4 days :D Yea I will try. And a another game in the holidays. So 2 games in the next 2 weeks.

No more excuses on not working on it. Tomorrow I start. 

I would also like to thank for the support. Some people have contacted me in the last week about game programming and that really is a morale boost for me.

Bye. Off to learn english :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little delay

Like always. What did you expect. But it isn't such a big thing. It is only that this week is a little full with school stuff and grading. A looot of things. So it kinda sucks the will out of you to work on something and do stuff for school. So I rather play games. But I will start working on it before the weekend. Probably friday. Man I really have to get back to programming, I play too much games... instead of making them. The funny thing is: it is more fun to make games, but it is hard to get yourself starting creating one. 

Oh yea forgot how I said I will " post more ".... hmm will try to start that.

Good night.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Got a theme and an idea

Hello there. The "tomorrow" has came. Even if 1 week later ( or more? ). I got some themes here and also on IRC. But I haven't really got an idea out of it. I didn't even try really. Mannnn I am lame and lazy. the school has also got some effects on this. But it goes well till now. I also changed my thinking about plain C ( ANSI C ). It is very similar to C++ but with some other stuff. I don't like the goto stuff. Doesn't seam right to me. Ok lets forget this.

Today I finished earlier with school and I had 1 hour time to sit at the train station and wait for the train. So I tried ( wow ) to get and idea. And it came really quickly, you just have to try. It has to do with current year period... fall. Yes, fall. It will be an "mouse-clicking action platformer". Not so much of a platformer but still. Many circular math included, I hope i won't have to do as much researching as last time. I will try to start this weekend and maybe even make it in 7 days.

(The game has to do with leaves) :D

Bye people. I will try to start posting more stuff.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gimme themes

Hello there. I have really pushed game developing away. I said that I will do a game till the end of month but I didn't. Not I need your help. I am going to do a theme game. Something like from LudumDare. But it won't be done in 48 hours :D. I just don't want to think about a game idea so I want to get some and make a game on it. You know the drill :D

School is going fine till now. But it gets repetitive waking up every day at 5 AM and soooo onnnn.

Give me some themes NOW

I will post tomorrow when I get some idea :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am back... again

Hello there. Long time no post. So I am making this one so that people won't ask me on facebook if I died :D

So some news.....
Hmm where to start. School is always the same. We got new squedual. It is a little better but I think that I will change again. Don't know if it will be good or bad.

I think I had this new flu. I was really sick for some days and felt really bad. But I think I survived it.

Today was the first day in this school that we wrote some code into our books. It was some plain C just so that we see how this looks. We will be learning c++. But as far I saw this simple C I don't like it. It has some weird stuff in it.

No new project has started... I still don't know what to make. I really have to get an idea.

That is all for now. Here you have some nice G'nR videos :D

Bye for now :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School school school

Hello there. It is the 8 of september and school has started already some days ago. We really have a "ugly" squedual. I come home at 4.30 PM almost every day. But we are going to get a new one next week so I will come home at 3 PM more days. It is really hard to wake up at 5 AM and be at school till 3 PM and then drive 1.5 hours too home. The grading will also start. That means learning. I have more career specific classes this year but history, native language and maybe some other thing will be a problem. I will have to learn more for those.

For the game developing part I am finding a good idea what to make. I won't participate in this months experimentalgameplay theme. It is "Failure". I don't have anything interesting for that. Maybe I will get an idea in school. Well probably not :D But I am planning to make a game this month. I try to keep the a game in a month thing ( in a 7 day time limit ). But I would rather like a game a week. 

random pic.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Squared Shooter

I am goint to make this as a first post of the game because this is going on the tabs on the left.

So I finaly finished the current project. I made it for the experimentalgameplay where the theme was "bare minimum". So I decided to use only rectangles for graphics. Total work time on the project is 20 hours. Somewhere 12 hours are normal stuff and 8 hours are searching the web for many mathematical formulas. Yea this project was hard. I had to do many advanced math for collision detection and all. But I made it.

Here is the screenie:

Download link.

As I said here is the timelapse video made with chronolapse.

Go to youtube to see HQ. I think then you can even read the code.

All together it was a good project. But the only problem is ( as I just checked experimentalgameplay ) and the made a post of all the games. Mine isn't included. That is because I could'n post a comment in the topic. Darn it. Oh well.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Game done

Hello there. Long time no post from me. Well I have been working on the game and finished it :D In the 7 day deadline :D Wel the days werent consecutive but still. This project got me many problems ( headacke ) because of lot of math stuff ( i was searchin for functions on net and books for 2 days ) but now it is done.

I will make a longer post later, or tomorrow. Now here is a link. I also used the desktop capturing softwere that Petri used ( Chronological ) and made a video of the whole development time. Webcam included ( now you will actually see my face LOL ). I will post that later with the postmoterm.

As you can see the gfx is bare minimum. I alredy posted it on experimentalgameplay but I don't see my comment. I tryed again but it said I alredy posted that. Maybe it needs some time to update.

Try it and give feedback :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome back

Hello there. Well is has pased 1 week since the last post. Now it is time to write something. It was verry nice on vecations. I was just laying on the beach all day and relaxing. I completly turned of my brain for 4 days. I sadly don't have any intersting pictures ( i will check again tomorrow ), because we only have like 15 pictures totaly ( on a new digital camera that holds 600 pictures :P ). Well yea.

So the bad news is I didn't do anything on the project. Yea I know I said I will but I just didn't get to it. My brother was constantly bothering me every hour that he wants to play and it is realy hard to work on something 45 minutes then wait 1 hour and then continiue. You lose the will to do it. :S. But that is all about to change, because I ordered a new computer :D. And my brother will get my computer in his room. That means that I will have all the time on my own computer to work on it. A dream came true :D Noooo mooorrrreee bothering. You would have to be me to understand how hard is it to share a computer with a brother and you have to switch every hour. I will but the computer on friday. I will probably get it ready to work on it till the night. Also everything will be set for my brother so on Saturday everyone will have its own. If you want to know the specs: Intel® Core™2 Quad Q8400 2,66Ghz ( OMG ), 4 gb ram, 640 Gb HDD, and GeForce GTS 250 1GB. I won't go to specific into the motherboard and all but as you can see it is a nice machine. It looks like this ( on the site ):

Some quick update on the project. I will start working on the project on saturday. If I will get some hours together to work on it tomorrow then I will. I will try to complete it in 3 - 4 days. I hoped to make a another game till the end of august and maybe I will make it. I hope the games will be good for the experimental gameplay project.

Bye all and good night.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another delay ( numereo 3 ) big delay :S

Yea a big delay again.

But first the report. We had a LAN party till friday. Friday was a weird day and I didn't work on the game at all. On sunday we had family visitors from other country the whole day... sooo. There was other work today. A lot has to be done before we go to vecations ( on the see ). Yea that's right. On thursday morning we go on vecations to Croatia. And we come home late Sunday night. For the next 2 days. Well I just don't know if I should work on it. When I come home on sunday I will continiue work on monday. I am realy lazy :D. I wish I had some realy good phone so I could make pictures on the sea and write blog posts :D It would make it more interesting. 

Bye for now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Project delayed 2nd time.

A realy quick one. Friends told me tha today is a LAN party. Till friday. So Project is delayed until saturday. Bye all. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick update

Hello there. First some update on the project skedual. I started on the project on Sunday night. I was on a picnic so there wasn't much time. I mainly did the bacis framework and some player stuff that day. I had tuts and help opened the whole time, because is takes some time to get used to openGL state tipe of work. There is also many stuf you have to know. But I will get used to it. 

I didn't do anything yesterday because I was on pool with friends from 7 AM to 9 PM. :D

Today was also a rather busy day. I slept a lot. I worked few hours on it throught the day. The big problem is that I have to share the computer with my brother. We switch every 1 hour and it is realy hard to work on something. I rather like it that I take some hours for the project and not to work on it for 45 minutes then go and do something else and then get back to work. It just doesn't work. I also wasn't home most of the day. The player movement is done and the rotation. I had some problems with angles because it's the first time I am working with angles and direction. But I managet to get a smooth movent. It is a acceleration time of movement so it takes some time to speed up and slow down. A picture of it:

Simple graphics huh. It will be only quads but I think it will have a nice look at the end. Experimental projects augusts there is "Bare minimum". Maybe the bare minimum of graphics in this game will be enough so I will maybe post it there. :D who knows.

I will try to get the game done till sunday ( in the 7 day deadline ). I WILL.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Everything normal

Hello there. Well everything went good today. I called the shop and they said that I can go get the card back :D They said that they didn't find the number sooooo.... ok. But I think it was worth it. Instead of getting back my Geforce 8500gt I got a geforce 9500. A card that is twice as powerful. Lucky me :D.

I tryed the card and everything works fine now. OpenGL runs fine. 

That means that I can start on the project. Well today I go on a BD party so I won't have time today. It is a little late. I wil lstart tomorrow but we have a picnic tomorrow and another one on sunday. Well. The game will be made in 7 days maximum that means I will work on it durring the week. Oh yeah. I go to the poll with friends on monday ( the whole day ) so I won't work that day.

Good bye. 

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Very big problem - project delayed

Hello there. I am not in a good mood realy. But here is the problem. As I alredy posted, I moved to Windows 7. Everything works fine until I started the new project. The problem is: that for the current graphical card (radeon x550, my geforce 8500gt is on guarantie for like 3 - 4 weeks alredy), the drivers for windows 7, don't support OpenGL! They decided that they wont make drivers for Win 7 for so old cards. That means I have to wait for my card to be repaired. And it is realy taking long. It hasn't been a problem till now ( i don't play much games ) but now that I need it to be able to make games in openGL.... welll that is a whole new story. I will call the shop tomorrow and drangle a bit because they told me it will take 1 week ( funny huh ). But I don't want to install back Windows XP. But if it won't work with the new card, well then I will.

That is all for now. Maybe I will make a small SDL game in a day or two if I don't get the card to this weekend. 

Funny picture.


Blog update

Hello everyone. As you can see I changed the template of the site. I think it look much nicer now. There are some un neded things like those "undefined" with the posts and I think that the followers tab doesn't work on Opera. It works with Mozilla. But I hope you like it.

Nothing else realy. Maybe a pic of my desktop:

Well it is a little low qualiti :D

Post ya :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Computer upgrade

Hello there. Today I did a software upgrade. I decided to install a Windows 7. After many years that I used Windows Xp, I decided that I should move to the newer version. So today I installed Windows 7. I'm testing it the whole day and it is working perfectly. I'm a surprised how well it works. Even on my really old computer.

But sadly I didn't work a thing of the new project. It's took me the whole day to install the programs back. I already installed Visual Studio, but I still need to setup SDL. I hope I'll be able to start on the project tomorrow. But don't think I didn't do anything. I wrote all the concept of the game on a paper. That means that all of the game play idea is already done. The graphics aren't really anything special but I hope the game play will be nice. I will probably post a scan of the concept tomorrow. I also studied some math functions so I'll be able to do some new things.

That's all for today, no pictures or anything.

And if you want to know I used the voice recognition software to write this post, no typing at all. That is really cool.

But. Good night.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello there

Well hello there :D Long time no post. Yea almost 2 week have passed since the last post and somewhere 20 days since the last game. I realy need to start posting again at least. But a new project is also on the way.

Diffrent things have been happening these days but nothing realy interesting. I started on a new project before few days but I canceled it. Yep that's right. I didn't realy like the concept and the game was to much on graphics. 

I will try to start on something tomorrow. I still need to get some idea. I have no clue what it will be. I will probably make a simple shot-em up with cubes:D Yea cubes :D Something like this:

The game si called CrytorYan and it is an impressive game made in only 6 hours. I also like the gameplay it is simple but it has something interesting in it :D Link.

I also though about a game where you jump into water. Well you do rotations and trick in the air. Something where you have to press the corosponding ( typo probably ) button. I will leave that idea for later. Also is going to annouce a new theme in the next weeks.

Cya. Good night :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OpenGL feedback

Hello there. So openGL is done. I learned most of the things I need to know. And what is my grade.... A+ :D Well lets get little into details.

I learned all the needed stuff in GL that in need. After that I did a little performance test:

Remember that when I use SDL and blit a 640x480 background it uses 50 - 60% of my CPU.

So I did the following in OpenGL. First a 3D cube is in the middle of the screen (screen is 800x600)  that is textured with an image and rotates on many dirrections. Then the background is textured with a big image. Then there are many textured boxes (100x100) drawn on the screen, all textured). And the whole screen in rotating.

In the first test I created 50 boxes every frame and textured them with a 640x480 image. That means that a 100x100 place was filled with a 640x480 image. The CPU usage was from 2 - 10%. 

(Open the image in new tab/window to see if fully).

Then I thought about it and figgured out that texturing a 100x100 rect with a 640x480 image isn't realy performance efficient and you don't get a better image. So I resized the image to 100x100 and then textured teh rects with it. But now I created 200 rects every frame. And what came out: 0% CPU ussage :D:D Yep thats great. :D

Conclusion: OpenGL is great. Now I need to get an idea for my next game :D


Thursday, July 9, 2009

OpenGL time

Hello there. I stopped posting again. Darn it :P Well I will try to fill in the holes. But lets forget that, new plan is here.

Yep I decided to move from SDL bliting to OpenGL. One of the main things about this is performance. Because in my current games 90% of the games CPU usage is blendigg with SDL. IIf I create a game and use a background to blit and then everything else, then the game uses somewhere 60 - 70% of my CPU ( at 60 FPS ). Yea it is true that I have a AMD 64 3000+ 1.8Ghz CPU but still. That is a lot. So that is one thing.

Next. With OpenGL I have the option of 3D.  I don't play to start making 3d games ( to much work, math and stuff )  and at the end nothing interesting would come out. So 2D FTW. But I will be able to use 3D features with 2D images and so on. The next thing is rotation, morphing and these stuff with images ( textures in future ). I realy need to learn rotating images and so. So it will be more interesting.

Soo this is cleared. I will probably get through the basic tuts in a day or 2 with some example programs. 

Next thing Experimental gameplay Project is back. After some years ( i think ). That gives me an additional "morale" boost to make games in 7 days. The theme June was nonexperimental shooters. Now I am waiting for the july theme and start working on a game :D Go and pay the a visit. Here.

Hmm long post. But I will include a fast "how i did the circle detection " in my last game.

Picture first: ( fast paint )

So let me try to explain this. The game created red particles as an effect when you drew the line. In reality bigger collision boxes were created when you moved a certain amount of pixels. When you made a circle arround something and the last collision box collided with one of the first ones the game though that you made a circle. So it created a collision box by the folowing pattern:

The x from the collision box that was on the far left became the X of the big collision box.

The y ..................................... far top .... bla bla bla

You know what I mean.

It realy isn't anything special and the system can easily be abused ( by drawing a diagonal line and then back ), but it worked nice.

Bye for now :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazy Coin Skydiver

Hello there. Here it is. Crazy coin skydiver. I made up the name in 5 second when I was making the menu :D. So what it is. It is a arcade style short little fun??.. game.

All I can say is, that it nice to play when you have nothing else to do. Easy to play ( I also hope to understand ) but hard to master :D Well not really. Try to get a high score. :P


Picture of gameplay:


Arrow keys to move.

Hold "A" to draw. 

Draw a circle around the coin to collect it ( it needs to be some kind of circle ). The game will automaticly detect if you made it :D

Draw a line ( horizontal / vertical ) and then release "A" to attack. The line will explode the enemy.

Don't touch the enemyes (  blue guys ) :D

That is all I have to say.

Link again:


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long time no post

Hello everyone. I havent posted anything for 1 week. But I have to tell you I didn't work that hard so I couldn't post anything. But I have worked on it fairly enough, so that all the gameplay is done. But I wasn't home today the whole day ( family visit ) so I couldn't finnish the game. I will do that tomorrow. I also have to add sound, but that isn't hard.

The game is preaty simple, some fast arcade style gameplay with lots of particles effects. I will make a simple menu with instrucions screen. And I also have to programm the loosing part. :P Damn I realy could have completed the game till friday, but I was realy lazy :P. I should try to complete the game as fast as I can and then take the week of. Just like jayenkai ( sorry if I spelled it wrong ). Yep that means I will still be doing a week a game. I will not pull myself together and do this things right.

So my game comes tomorrow. Don't expect anything great, but I think is a nice little time waster, just like watching paint dry :D

lol at the picture :D

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Project start

Hello everyone. I didn't post anything for a long time. That is because the thing I had last week. I was on a lan party from wednesday to sunday night. 5 days without internet. It was realy nice. So yesterday I started with the project. As I said. And this time I will do it in 1 week. A lot of progress has been done the last 2 days.

First some screenies:

Here I am drawing a circle with the "flare" I kinda like the effect.

Here you can see the "flare circle" collision box. When you draw a circle arround something to pick it up. A collision box is created withing the circle. I just made it visible so it is easier to work with it while programming. Also the amout of particles is so big because I was just drawing a lot of zigzag lines on the whole screen.

Here you can see the line attack. I made a horizontal line and IDK what started to fly up and down. You see that the line isn't realy straigh, that's because everything moves up. Like it is falling from the sky and you are faster that it.

As you can see many things have been done. Manly the important things. The gfx are kind edgy but I kinda like it when everything moves. I will maybe change the player sprite and the coin sprite is .... mario like... oh well :P

Here is what is done:

- Player movement

- Flare drawing

- Circle and line detection including everything included to this feature

- Particle effects

- Coint and picking up coins

- ....... more stuff I dont remember

I need to start on the combo system tomorrow. There is a lot of work on it so I hope it will be good.

Bye for now. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Official start of vacations

Hello. It is monday and it's 11 AM. Outside it is raining and it is just a perfect day to do something on the computer. I played games for the last 2 weeks and I think I have enough. I completed Diablo 2 on 2 difficulities, played many PSX games, reinstalled Starcraft and many COD... and many thing between. Now it is going to be time to start working on developing. But the first week is alredy full. Ok today I got some time, tomorrow someone needs help but I will probably find some time. Then on wednesday I have to go to school to get my "certificate" and if the weather will be nice we go camping. Then on friday when I come home, there is a LAN party. The party is from wednesday to sunday, but I am camping for 2 days. 

As you can see I have little time this week. But I want to complete the game in 1 week. So I can't start on it today because I can't work on it the whole week. Yep that means that I will start next week. I have nothing else in plan after this week so I will have plenty of time.

Blueberry garden came out last week. I sadly can't play it. I tryed the demo but the game just had an extreme lag on my 1 core computer. Maybe someday when I have a new computer I will play it.

Also Cactus released a new game. And he made it in 3 hours. It is amazing. I played it and loved it. It is just amazing what he makes. Everything is so nice. I also love the gfx. So simple but so great, I wish I could make something like that. Link.

That is all for today. Bye

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello holidays!

Good day everyone. I havent posted for some time. I have beed playing Diablo 2 a lot. I probably added many hours on my Xfire account. Well but that how it is. And Diablo is just a great game so you realy can't stop play it. 

I realy can't wait for Diablo 3:

Now something about the project. 

First: start date... it isn't going to be tomorrow. Well I think it won't. The holidays are here so I will have enoug time. I will just take the first some days for other things.

Now for some basic info about the game. I still don't have a name for it, so the project name in VS is Skydiver. I will think about the name later. It will be a arcade style game. The gfx are realy retro ( big pixels and simple ). You fall from the sky and try to get the highscore. You get point by collecting things and "destroying" other skydivers. I will probably add many particle effects :D. The interestinh thing is, that for all the actions, you use a "movement patter dettection". Weird name. Basicly when you want, you draw a line with your flare. Then you make a circle arround something to collect it or make a line, that explodes.

Quick picture drawn in paint in 1 minute:

(don't laugh)

This is all I have to say. I will post something tomorrow. Bye. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Project delayed

Hello everyone. After all these days of no post I have to dissapoint you. I will move the project. This is because I only worked somewhere 3 hours on the project he whole week. Nothing is realy done, only the fraimwork and some little things. I just didn't work on it. The main cause for this is Diablo 2. :P I started with some freinds playing it from start again and well.... I play it too much. Nothing is realy done. 

Now the good news.

I only have 2 more days of school. That is monday and tuesday. I took wednesday, thursday and friday free because I had left school free days. Then I go get my (how is it called??) end year certificate... or whatever... I don't know how it is called. But the thing is that I wll start with the project in these free days. The holidays are almost here and I will have plenty of time to work on games. 

This is how it has happened and how it will be. Project start moved to: ~17. 6. 2009

Sorry people. Bye for now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Damn it!

I am realy pissed up right now so forgive me about the misstakes I will write in this post or if I will use bad words :P. 

So here is the status.

Today I started on the project. I alredy made the countdown on my site and as you  can see, I have only 6 more days. And very little is done, because today I only had 1 hour time to do something. We were on a visit somewhere and the rest was my brother on. It is realy hard to work if you have a brother and have to share your computer. I also had an argue with my mom. All i said was a "No" but I apparently said it so that she gave me a 1 day computer ban. Damn it!!!!!!!!! And the question that she gave me was about clothes !!!!!! I am realy pissed. That means that tomorrow I probably won't do anything because she will lock up my room. But I will leave the timer as it is, and try to complete the game in the 5 days that will be left. Maybe I will make it.

Nothing else to say. I will go to sleep now and try to cool down.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Me lazy bastard

Yes I am a lazy bastard. I haven't doe anything the whole week. I just keept playing games. But the wish to start on the project is getting bigger. I would like to start today but it is late so I will do something (play games) and then watch a movie. Nothing interesting else to say. Well I wanted to buy a Wii this week on an auction site but someone else took it before me :S. Oh well... I hope that tomorrow I will have some pictures of the game.

Bye for now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I am back :D

Hello. Yesterday I came from the LAN party but I didn't post anything. I am now posting this from school. I have to say again: these computers are garbage. But hey, you can write in them and make reports in word (if you are lucky and it is instaled). We realy should go to the classroom where there are new computers.

So. The LAN party was a big succes. Now I have to start working on th new project. I just remembered yesterday that I have to do a presentation till tommorow about something that is related with are. I though about presenting google SketchUp, because you can do some nice arty things with it. I will just search the net too se what I can find. If I will make the presentation realy fast ( maybe even here in school ) then I will start working on it.

Did you see the trailer for Cactus new game :P


Friday, May 29, 2009

Going to LAN party

Finaly back from school. I finished everything today. Now I will go eat, unplug my computer and I am off. 3 days of gaming. :P See ya people, I hope you will do some interesting stuff in this weekend.

Some random LAN picture. Not ours... we are less organized :P:P ( found on google )

Good bye.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book done.... I knew it

Well yesterrday I finished reading the book, wrote 1 page about it. And I got a big headache from it. Boring books are not good for you brain. And today... well I didn't haved to present it. I knew that this will happen. Oh well...

Progress on project...

none. Well I didn't started on it yet. All I have is the gameplay idea on a paper that I did today in school. Well, everithing is done, but on paper. But that is enough so that I won't need to get ideas later. As I said the game is not complicated but it will be fun. The whole game is on 1 A4 size paper :P I need to start working on it, but th eproblem is, that from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon we have a LAN party. That means gaming and I won't work on anything. I realy want to finnish it in 1 week, but the weekend is realy important because I do a lot of stuff then. So don't know. So I realy want 1 weekend to work on the game. That is the next one. That says it, that I won't start it this week, but the next one. Maybe I will do something but not much. 

Hope you are not dissapointed, but I will just take a gaming break from it. Well it is 1 week away from the last project.

Here is a hint for the next game :P

You see the theme here, but it is diffrent and realy retro arcade. :P


Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello there. Yesterday I was searching for some info about box2d and some stuff. I played games a lot. Today I had some time in the morning to think of a good game idea. And I found a good one. In school while I was sitting I though of an great idea that will turn the game from  a normal thing to something more interesting. The game is now very complex and I will maybe be able to finnish it under 1 week. Don't know. The rest of the day I spend reading a book because I have to read the book till tomorrow and then write something about it and the characters in it and then I have to present it in school on wednesday. Bad choice of timming. But hey gota do it. I will probably start working on the game on wednesday or maybe tomorrow when I finish the writing.

Some random picture here:

Hope you didn't fall asleep. Bye and good night.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello.... people! Posmoterm :D

Well a some kind of post. I didn't post anything the last 2 days ( I think ), soo I will write something now ( please can someone tell me how it is writen: so / soo ??) :P

I released Me and my shadow before 2 day. It has got many diffrent opinions. I still need to post it on but I kinda know how people will react. It is interesing. Mainly it is my fault because I made the control scheme of the Shadow far too less explained. People didn't know how to play right and some didn't make it throug the 2nd level. I also posted a guide video for some first levels on YouTube. It helped some people soo I will post it here.

Now for some postmoterm info.

Tha game development took somewhere 1 month. A little less. You can see that by the date I posted the first post about starting the project. I am happy with the time because I month isn't that much.

Total time spend on the project: 33 hours. That is not much. It is a lot less then Space Invaders Versus. Probably because I used advanced C++ thing and did faster and better coding. I am happy. Maybe 33 hours in month sound little, but I didn't worked on the project a lot and I also didn't get bored.

This is how Timelog looks like now. :P

I won't count the lines of code it isn't soo important. But I think it is less the previos project.

Learned a lot

I learned polymorish, inheriance and friendship... and some other concept. I was also able to eficienlty (lool, you know what I want to say :P ) code all than. It brought me lot of experiance. I noticed that I also code much faster now. 

I also lerned a lot when I was adding fonts. I did that before but now it didn't want to work. I posted a post about it and I war realy angry at that moment. I learned the following: never ever try to load an SDL surface from an file in a object constructor!!! It doesn't work, depending on how it was consturcted. But 100% not in a vector. That is what I have to say to that.

And well that it what I have to say to this project. All in one, it was and interesting project to work on and even more interesting to see how people will react to it.

Future plans

I am currently trying to ge a good game idea. I will probably use the "Game name generator" to generate a name for the game and then make a game from it. Whatever it will be, I will try to make it more arcade stlyle and simple. I will also try to finnish it in 1 week. Yeah "A game a week". I will give it a try. But it will be simple. I will probably also implement Box2D. I realy want to learn it so I can use physics and all. That will be fun. I also have to learn OpenGL. Because could see in Me and my shadow that the fading effect was very lagy. I need to find some good image loading and bliting tut for OpenGL  ( NeHe's probably ).

Bye for now. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me and my shadow finished

Here it is. I compleated it yesterday night but I didn't post it. I thought I will maybe add some more levels but today I decided to just release it. Forst of all I need to say, that the game is more of a prototype. I posted that earlier that I decided to go more this way. So don't expect much from it. But I am realy pleased with the game. Everything worked flawless and I realy got many experiance from working with advanced C++ concepts. I am also very happy about the time that it took. Event that I wasn't realy working much I completed it in IDK 25 days. Could be better but still a big progress from the other two. It means I am getting better. I don't know the hours and lines of code used but I will post that in a postmoterm.

Here is the download link: 

Some pictures:

Many thanks if you download it and please give feedback.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can see the finish line

Hello there. Sory I didn't post anything yesterday. So the update for the game. Well all I can say is that the game is done. Everything works. I only need to fix some minnor things that I discovered when play testing levels. Yea the levels. Currently there are 10 levels that I made in like 3/4 of an hour. At start I made some simple levels but then I just left my imagination free and did what came to mind. So some levels can be realy simple and in some you will realy have to reset the level many times even if you mastered the control of the shadow ( like me since I am playing it for longer time ). I hope the people will get the hang of the controlling the shadow. The instruction screen says it simple but it takes some time to understand it. I hope there won't be any problems. So levels to go.

The current level select screen. As you can see you need to get to a level to be able to select it from here. This gives the game some progress thing.

And here is medium difficult level. Well not even that. But it needs some precise jumping.

I send the game to few friends over MSN and they like it. That is good. But the game crashed on ones PC, don't know why.

Bye for now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I will go nuts......

I am realy pissed of. I have been working with the level selection screen and did some simple font rendering for the level numbers. I didn't wanted to work. The made is simpler and simpler and didn't work. I removed all the stuff with the font and it didn't worked. Then I simple did that it need to load a simple image and it didn't work. I was like totaly WTF OMG. At the end nothing worked from the level selection screen. So I just erased all the code that has to do with level selection state. I am realy pissed now and will just go play games. I will start the level selection screen from scratch tomorrow, maybe later today but I doubt it. For the other stuff. Well anything is complete except the levels. I did the title, menu, nice fading effect for the levels, music, sfx, fixed that bug I found. Everything works. Only the level selection screen and the levels need to be done. 

Pictures of the menu and the instructions screen. Tha game has some nice feeling when you start it because the music is nice. I realy like it.

Now fo rthe deadline. I hope to finnish the selection screen by tomorrow and start working on the levels. I hope that I will make at least 20 levels. But because the starting will be easy and simple I will make over 35 levels. The later ones will be realy hard. Like this game "you probably won't make it" Realy nice game. Got to level 18 :D.

So bye for now. I go play now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some updates and feedback wanted

Today I did some things on the game. The level loading thing is done so now you can simpli add the map name in a file and the game loads them in order. The level switching also works when you come to the exit. I also added spikes. So now you can die. I also added a reset button so that you reset the level. I also added some effect to the player.

Thinks that have to be done:

- Title and menu ( title done, menu still to go )

- Level selection screen

- Some fixes with the games input handling function ( it goes nuts if you move and the level changes..... hmmm )

- Sounds and music

- Some die animation and some level changing transition...

- Levels, a lot of them

But mainly I think it works. I realy need to fix the input function. I still don't know how but I will find a way. The sound also need to be added. I still think about adding level naming so the level title is displayed on the start.

Now I also need some feedback. I want to know what do you thing about the graphics. I kinda like this black and white gfx but I want to know what you think. Also some ideas if you think I should realy add to the game then say it.

Bye for now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random post #1

Well I did nothing on the game today. Yesterday was full because I went to someone to fix his computer and I also wrote the long post about what I use to make games. I have to put that post on some special tab on the side. And today I just didn't get the will to do anything. It was a strange day. But I did something in the past days. The game has now 2 .exe. One is the level editor and the other is the game. I made a realy simple algorith ( whatever ) that saves the level height and width because I made the level editor very big but I don't want that the level in the game is larger than needed. So that is made. Everything works nice till now. Tomorrow I need to put a level list file where you will whrite the names of the level files and the game will load them in that order. That way it will be simple to add levels. And in the game you will be able to chose a level. Well that is all I can say. Here is a picture of the game in action.

Post you tomorrow. Bye

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I use to make games

Hello there. I couldn't post anything yesterday because a storm came and I shut down my computer for safety. But today Swarmer stoped the strom and it is only raining. A great weather to write a long post. So following some suggestions from my blog readers I decided to put up more interesting stuff. I will also try to make posts on a daily basis and to write more about the current development.

So now to this post. The title says everything. I will now describe what I use to make games. I will also try to put as many pictures or else it will be booring.

I hope you can see the picture. It is a nice program to make graph that Cactus made. You will find it on his site.


Well this isn't hard to guess. I use the best one there is. Visual Studio. I only have Visual C++, because I don't need it for anything else that this. The IDE is realy great and it helps a lot. When you have a lot of functions and all you don't have to remember them all. It is realy great. 

(This is not my picture, but it is the IDE)

I also use Dev C++. I used it the whole time for Slot Robber but because projects got bigger I switched. But I still use it to make the .exe for the relesed game. That is because the VS has some stupid s**t that you have to put in with the game and the user who gets the game also has to install some redistrubutibles ( or whatever ). So I just put all the source code into Dev C++ and compile it soo it works on almost all computers ( with Windows ).


Well I use MS Paint. Yep, that old thing that is on every windows and everyone thinks it stinks. But for me it is a great program to make gfx realy fast. It is also very simple to pixel in it. Simple but great.

I also use Paint.NET because it has some advanced functions like color effects and all so I pep up the gfx.

I also use the .PNG format for gfx because the size of the format is realy small so the games are not big.

( Making the sprite for the game )


For sound I use a programm called SFXR. You can find it here. The program is realy great for quickly make sfx. Because you simple generate a sound that you wish and then change it to fit in the game. Then you export it and done. 

I search the music for my games on diffrent sites. Till now I used ...... <>. Well i forgot the name. You will find a link in my games and on my site if you look the posts where I described every game.

( SFXR in action. Simple and great.. :D )


I have to track time for my development. So I know how long something took. For that I use an extremly simple but great app from Kloonigames ( from Petri ). It is a simple console app but does the job. You can find it here. ( On Kloonigames ). It has some flaws because the function to put eveyrthing together doesn't work but I found my own way to do that.

( Timelog from Petri Purho )

Music # 2

Well not realy. But when I work I like to listen to music. So I turn on Windows Media Player ( the latest version )  and play myself some music. Nothing else to say here. Oh yeah, I listen to every kind of music as long as it is nice ( rock, clasic, rap, hip-hop stuff, new stuff, electro, trance.... blab blabl )

Now to the language and all

I am going to write something about the language I use and all and how I started with it. I hope I won't be too long, but maybe someone will be interested.

Since I got my first computer I was realy interested on how everything worked. So I got realy into computer "stuff" and became for my friend "the one that knows everything with computers". Well something like this. I realy know a lot to work with computers. You could also describe me as a "hacker". If you now thing the bad thing then you are wrong. Quote from wikipedia:  .... ok I didn't serach for it but I read once that a hacker is a person that realy knows a lot about computers. But if you thought about the bad hackers ( the one you don't like ), well I was also a little of that.

( I realy like this picture )

But then I got realy interested in programming. I readed about what language to start with. Everyone on the forums said that C++ is not good to start with because it is hard. Well screw that. I got a book called "Beginning C++ game programming" and that is how it all started. At the start everything was like spanish to me but with practise and all I can now read it as plain english. 

Before somwhere 1 year ago. I found a nice site called Lazy Foo. There were realy great tuts about starting with SDL. I never did anything more that console programming but I realy wanted to start doing gfx programming. So I puted a lot of time and effort to read the tuts and make a app for every tut myself. That way I realy learned it. And after every few lessons I made a game. And you probably know how it went further. I now probably know most of SDL and C++. I need to say that SDL is realy great. It has anything from I/O to gfx, sfx, events, threads and all. But you also have the full power of c++ to use. The only thing is the useage of CPU for gfx. So I will try to learn OpenGL as soon as posible. 

Well that is my story. I hope you found something interesting in here. Also please comment to this post. For the mistakes. Well english is not my mother language....

Keep you updated for "Me and my shadow". Bye