Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome back

Hello there. Well is has pased 1 week since the last post. Now it is time to write something. It was verry nice on vecations. I was just laying on the beach all day and relaxing. I completly turned of my brain for 4 days. I sadly don't have any intersting pictures ( i will check again tomorrow ), because we only have like 15 pictures totaly ( on a new digital camera that holds 600 pictures :P ). Well yea.

So the bad news is I didn't do anything on the project. Yea I know I said I will but I just didn't get to it. My brother was constantly bothering me every hour that he wants to play and it is realy hard to work on something 45 minutes then wait 1 hour and then continiue. You lose the will to do it. :S. But that is all about to change, because I ordered a new computer :D. And my brother will get my computer in his room. That means that I will have all the time on my own computer to work on it. A dream came true :D Noooo mooorrrreee bothering. You would have to be me to understand how hard is it to share a computer with a brother and you have to switch every hour. I will but the computer on friday. I will probably get it ready to work on it till the night. Also everything will be set for my brother so on Saturday everyone will have its own. If you want to know the specs: Intel® Core™2 Quad Q8400 2,66Ghz ( OMG ), 4 gb ram, 640 Gb HDD, and GeForce GTS 250 1GB. I won't go to specific into the motherboard and all but as you can see it is a nice machine. It looks like this ( on the site ):

Some quick update on the project. I will start working on the project on saturday. If I will get some hours together to work on it tomorrow then I will. I will try to complete it in 3 - 4 days. I hoped to make a another game till the end of august and maybe I will make it. I hope the games will be good for the experimental gameplay project.

Bye all and good night.


  1. thats a beast of a machine. [compared to mine]

  2. Yea and I will love that beast of a machine :D