Saturday, August 29, 2009

Game done

Hello there. Long time no post from me. Well I have been working on the game and finished it :D In the 7 day deadline :D Wel the days werent consecutive but still. This project got me many problems ( headacke ) because of lot of math stuff ( i was searchin for functions on net and books for 2 days ) but now it is done.

I will make a longer post later, or tomorrow. Now here is a link. I also used the desktop capturing softwere that Petri used ( Chronological ) and made a video of the whole development time. Webcam included ( now you will actually see my face LOL ). I will post that later with the postmoterm.

As you can see the gfx is bare minimum. I alredy posted it on experimentalgameplay but I don't see my comment. I tryed again but it said I alredy posted that. Maybe it needs some time to update.

Try it and give feedback :D


  1. This is a really fun ummm, [experiment]? Well i enjoyed the shooting but i didnt really get to see my score it probably just my computer [since its old and slow] i was actually suprised it could handle the Gfx & particles... maybe add support for just keyboard only instead of keyboard & mouse..really good game thanks!!

  2. Thanks. Hmm you didn't see the score. Then it is probably the gfx card. Because everything else is made with OpenGL primitives only the score and the menu are images. Maybe you computer can't texture. I hope it worked smooth because there are a lot of calculations to make.

    For the keyboard only. The game was originaly for keyboard only. But I found it to be a little to hard mo manuever and shoot in big clusters. So I made it with mouse.

    Hope you liked it. Thanks