Friday, July 30, 2010

Game 1/11 Lost Pogo Rider

Hello there. Much time has passed since the last post. Oh well. I must say, that I will probably stop with these video logs, because they aren't really that good on interesting. But I know that we all like timelapses, so I will make timelapses. I also said that I will make games in the holidays and so I decided to make 11 games. That is for every week a game. I will have to squeeze some games in like this one because I roughly have to make 2 games a week from now. But I will make it.... probably till end of September :D

So a game a week is officialy started. A week counts from Saturday till Friday. That is also why I made this GID today. I won't upload it now, because it is really... uninteresting but it was something to practice programming in Emacs and Linux.

Here is the timelapse video. HD on Youtube recommended.

Don't worry, this in the only game that I won't upload... I hope :D