Saturday, April 13, 2013

Squared Shooter source, and other

You probably haven't noticed, but I started to release the course code for some of my project on my GitHub. Take a look.

Squared Shooter

Probably one of my biggest projects; and if not biggest, then certainly the one that kinda exploded with the timelapse video. A game that I made the last week of August 2009, simple but fun, turned out to be something more for me personal. I wish I could again make games with the passion I made this one, but the times are changing.

I changed some small things with the code. I removed the music from it (licensing), SDL_mixer because it's not needed anymore, moved the data to a folder and added WASD support for movement. I don't know how the code looks, but it shouldn't be too bad. There is also separated axis collision implemented, so that may be interesting to look at. You will need SDL, SDL_image and OpenGL (Glu should already be included) to compile the project.

Check it out here.

Other project on GitHub

If you check my profile on GitHub, you will see that there is also the source for JAHP, Me and my shadow, Space Invader Versus, my new framework and others. Me and my shadow code is already used for further development by a team, the other are more or less there for me, and anyone curious. The Space Invader Versus code should probably be avoided, because it's filled with problems and memory leaks.

That's it for this post. Just wanted to make a post to keep the blog active and to inform you of my public code. The exams are now over for 2-3 weeks, so maybe I will find some time to work on the framework and maybe something more.

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  1. hey i know its off topic i have seen your videos on youtube of programming game,i am in my last year of school and i m searching a unversity for game programming and even found that but they requesting for portfolio (game prototype etc.) soooo can u plz help me to make portfolio plz plz