Sunday, May 17, 2009

I will go nuts......

I am realy pissed of. I have been working with the level selection screen and did some simple font rendering for the level numbers. I didn't wanted to work. The made is simpler and simpler and didn't work. I removed all the stuff with the font and it didn't worked. Then I simple did that it need to load a simple image and it didn't work. I was like totaly WTF OMG. At the end nothing worked from the level selection screen. So I just erased all the code that has to do with level selection state. I am realy pissed now and will just go play games. I will start the level selection screen from scratch tomorrow, maybe later today but I doubt it. For the other stuff. Well anything is complete except the levels. I did the title, menu, nice fading effect for the levels, music, sfx, fixed that bug I found. Everything works. Only the level selection screen and the levels need to be done. 

Pictures of the menu and the instructions screen. Tha game has some nice feeling when you start it because the music is nice. I realy like it.

Now fo rthe deadline. I hope to finnish the selection screen by tomorrow and start working on the levels. I hope that I will make at least 20 levels. But because the starting will be easy and simple I will make over 35 levels. The later ones will be realy hard. Like this game "you probably won't make it" Realy nice game. Got to level 18 :D.

So bye for now. I go play now.


  1. that looks really nice man.. keep up the good work

  2. Thanks. I am in school right now writing this. :D. We aren't doint anything interesting. It is boring. Maybe I will write the code for the level selection screen here and then add it at home to my project. :D Notepad :P