Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random post #1

Well I did nothing on the game today. Yesterday was full because I went to someone to fix his computer and I also wrote the long post about what I use to make games. I have to put that post on some special tab on the side. And today I just didn't get the will to do anything. It was a strange day. But I did something in the past days. The game has now 2 .exe. One is the level editor and the other is the game. I made a realy simple algorith ( whatever ) that saves the level height and width because I made the level editor very big but I don't want that the level in the game is larger than needed. So that is made. Everything works nice till now. Tomorrow I need to put a level list file where you will whrite the names of the level files and the game will load them in that order. That way it will be simple to add levels. And in the game you will be able to chose a level. Well that is all I can say. Here is a picture of the game in action.

Post you tomorrow. Bye

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