Monday, May 11, 2009

Change of plan

And it is  abig change of plan. I watched some presentations from GDC specialy thoses about indie game developing. I also readed some posts and topicst about it. So I decided that my games will not be something like full games ( much of stuff, complicating it all together ), but they will be more experimental. I got realy inspired by this when I watched Petri's presentation on how he started with making Crayon Physics. 

I realy agreed with him that it is better to make smaller, more experimental games that to make 1 game for a long time by just expanding it and adding not so interesting stuff to it.

From now on I will make games but they will be done is shorter time and will be more interesting because I will try new things. 

Now to "Me and my shadow". All I can say that it is done a lot. Because the game is also more experimental, I will try to finnish it soon. 

Here is a picture of th elevel editor. It looks decent I think.

Give you more updates. Bye


  1. yeah i saw that video too. Id like to see more frequent updates to the blog about what your doing with development.

  2. Yea I need to start posting more. Like 1x a day at least. Because blogs like kloonigames and cactus arent updated much in the last time. I would realy like to se something from them.

    So I will post more often. Also I take in any suggestion about what I should write or if you want to know something..

  3. I think since Crayon P.D. is done Kloonigames should pick back up.

    About your games what language do you use?