Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LD over, school back

Hello there. I made a game for the mini LD and also school is back. We write a test tomorrow and another one on Thursday (maybe even two). So I don't really have the will to make games now. But I made 3 games this holidays. To be precise in 5 days. Two GIDs, a day for break and a mini LD game in 2 days. Here are the links to E.T. GO HOME NOT and Mr. Blocky (mini LD game). I won't post the volleyball game because it isn't good.

A fun game to try and play :D

Mr. Blocky

A mixture of Tetris and platformer. Read the info in game. Also 0 is always mapped to ESCAPE and 1 is used to level up difficulty.

That is all for today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First 2 GIDs

Hello. The holidays are getting shorter and shorter and I still want more. Oh well. Well today I finnished another GID. I finished both games under 4 hours of work. With todays game I am really proud finishing it this fast.
Here is the picture of Volley Bolley
Volley Bolley

A multiplayer volleyball game. It is kinda fun to play with someone if you keyboard supports all that button mashing. I had fun playing it but it is realy realy simple. My first GID, made in 4 hours.
Here is the second game E.T. GO HOME... NOT

This game is for everyone who hates E.T. for Atari. But is is fun to play. E.T.s try to climb to the stars to get home and you have to stop them with bombs. Much pixelated blood included. It is also fun to destory the E.T.s at the bottom and then those on top fly and splat on the bottom. Made in 4 hours and sound effects are included.

I will post the download link when I will stop with making GIDs.

Bye for today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today it started

Hello. No posts some time. Yea I know... I will start posting regular from tomorrow on. I have been playing Minecraft a lot these days. I am running my own server and there are a lot of people playing it. But today I stopped and started programming. And yea I got that feeling back. Fingers just fly and you can see progress in minutes. But I started a little late today. I hope that the "Code rush" will come back tomorrow. I plan on finishing todays GID and make another one tomorrow. I hope I will make it :D There is also a mini Ludumdare this weekend. Hmm... we will see. But keep in mind, a game made in a day can't be IDK what. But fun at least.

Hmm.. well I run the Minecraft server some days now. Here is a screenie of the world. It is made from scratch in these days.

So tomorrow it goes. And sorry for no posts these days.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back from LAN

Hello there. It is Wednesday. I came from LAN on Sunday night, then there was a national cultural day on Monday. I didn't work on the project from LAN. Today I played Minecraft all day.. again and I kinda don't feel like it. On Friday the 1 week holidays start and I wanted to finish the game till then. But that won't happen. Maybe I will put that big project on the side and work on small daylish games. I really want to try that. Thou I hope that JAHP will be finished also. I won't turn out a big game that I planned (because I probably won't include powers) but everything else is as I wanted it. Only the levels need to be done. But yeah. Tomorrow we write a test and then school free. I will go and play Minecraft now probably :D

That was some update because I didn't post a thing for some time. I look forward for those GIDs (game in a day) and I hope I will make it. Community ideas welcome :D


Friday, February 5, 2010

Pre LAN post

Hello there. It is Friday (yes :D) and I will be starting to pack my computer for the LAN now. So here is a short post.

I completed the saving system, saving, medals and stuff just now. At this rate of development I will hit beta in less than 7 days and the game will be near release. But I won't release an alpha today. There are only 5 levels created (I worked on the core and not on the levels) and it isn't worth it to give an alpha with 5 levels. That means that the first time you will play the game is when I release the full version. Oh well. But if you really really really want to try the alpha, then mail me. I am going to create levels on the LAN in the free time so I hope there will be a lot of levels done. I have not internet there but at home I will check e-mail during the weekend on other computer.

A hard thing I did is text rendering with OpenGL. Why don't they have that in it? I tried like 5 different things written to render text but they didn't work. So after some hours of work I wrote my own. It renders a number. The font is really an image but it works. I am happy that I finally did this font thing.

I got medal

(yay silver medal)

JAHP will go through some testing on the LAN. See you on Sunday.. probably.

Bye and a happy weekend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

JAHP alpha

Hello. A lot of work has been done in the weekend. Sadly I didn't have more that a hour time on Monday and Tuesday because there were other things. But I worked today a little and finished the level selection screen that was left for the alpha. So... alpha is done. But I won't post it yet. I know some of you want to play it but as I reached alpha, I decided to add some more things and release the alpha. That are mainly more levels because now you don't have much to play, and medals for levels (how fast you complete them). Also some saving. I will do that tomorrow. So the alpha will be released tomorrow or maybe on Friday before I go on a LAN party. Yea we got a LAN party this weekend.

Enough talk, here are the pictures:

JAHP menu

The menu. I kinda like it. Made in paint.

Playing a level

Playing a level. As you can see the graphics got changes, the player and stuff. Particles are added. This is the final gfx, maybe some other background but I like this one.

The editor

The level editor. It still needs a some user friendliness but it works as needed.

Hmm JAHP. :D I just named it that way. It stands for "Just a hard platformer" but maybe you can make something more juicy out of JAHP. 

So alpha is near and the fun trailer will also be started after alpha.

I hope you like it and good night.