Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back from LAN

Hello there. It is Wednesday. I came from LAN on Sunday night, then there was a national cultural day on Monday. I didn't work on the project from LAN. Today I played Minecraft all day.. again and I kinda don't feel like it. On Friday the 1 week holidays start and I wanted to finish the game till then. But that won't happen. Maybe I will put that big project on the side and work on small daylish games. I really want to try that. Thou I hope that JAHP will be finished also. I won't turn out a big game that I planned (because I probably won't include powers) but everything else is as I wanted it. Only the levels need to be done. But yeah. Tomorrow we write a test and then school free. I will go and play Minecraft now probably :D

That was some update because I didn't post a thing for some time. I look forward for those GIDs (game in a day) and I hope I will make it. Community ideas welcome :D


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