Thursday, February 18, 2010

First 2 GIDs

Hello. The holidays are getting shorter and shorter and I still want more. Oh well. Well today I finnished another GID. I finished both games under 4 hours of work. With todays game I am really proud finishing it this fast.
Here is the picture of Volley Bolley
Volley Bolley

A multiplayer volleyball game. It is kinda fun to play with someone if you keyboard supports all that button mashing. I had fun playing it but it is realy realy simple. My first GID, made in 4 hours.
Here is the second game E.T. GO HOME... NOT

This game is for everyone who hates E.T. for Atari. But is is fun to play. E.T.s try to climb to the stars to get home and you have to stop them with bombs. Much pixelated blood included. It is also fun to destory the E.T.s at the bottom and then those on top fly and splat on the bottom. Made in 4 hours and sound effects are included.

I will post the download link when I will stop with making GIDs.

Bye for today.

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