Wednesday, February 3, 2010

JAHP alpha

Hello. A lot of work has been done in the weekend. Sadly I didn't have more that a hour time on Monday and Tuesday because there were other things. But I worked today a little and finished the level selection screen that was left for the alpha. So... alpha is done. But I won't post it yet. I know some of you want to play it but as I reached alpha, I decided to add some more things and release the alpha. That are mainly more levels because now you don't have much to play, and medals for levels (how fast you complete them). Also some saving. I will do that tomorrow. So the alpha will be released tomorrow or maybe on Friday before I go on a LAN party. Yea we got a LAN party this weekend.

Enough talk, here are the pictures:

JAHP menu

The menu. I kinda like it. Made in paint.

Playing a level

Playing a level. As you can see the graphics got changes, the player and stuff. Particles are added. This is the final gfx, maybe some other background but I like this one.

The editor

The level editor. It still needs a some user friendliness but it works as needed.

Hmm JAHP. :D I just named it that way. It stands for "Just a hard platformer" but maybe you can make something more juicy out of JAHP. 

So alpha is near and the fun trailer will also be started after alpha.

I hope you like it and good night.

1 comment:

  1. zgleda fenomenalno :)

    mal vleče na jumperja, vidim tudi, da si igral runmana, tako, da kombinacija obeh bi bila super :) čakam demo :)