Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project update #3

Here is the update for today that I promised. First here is the sticky note where I have the stuff till alpha listed:

To do list for alpha

(for bigger image click on it)

Today I worked almost 4.5 hours on the game. I implemented FMOD but because of a bad tutorial I lost like 40 minutes figuring something out until I went to check out the documentation of FMOD. It is really good written. Players sound effects are in and 1 song. Today I also did the game states. Till now everything was in main(). Today with the power of inheritance and polymorphism I created the game state thingie. I haven't done this in the last project :D. All the fixes till now were done, level exits are in (still need some graphics), level changing works... Don't know what took me that long I think FMOD took more that 2 hours. I also started on some levels. Some beginning ones where you only need to jump and move with some practice for that.

Easy levels

I hope I won't start making too hard levels too soon. :D

Tomorrow will be more graphical things. I have to make a menu, some level selection screen, some gfx for blocks, get some kind of a background and I will add particle effect (woot). 

I found out that when you die and the level is reloaded that the process takes up 0.050 Kbyts (or KB.. dunno) more memory. I will look into it but I don't think it is such a big problem because the game later releases that memory. Dunno. 

Alpha is near and when it is in a good state more features will be started to being added. 

It is late now, so good night people.

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