Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Evil Visual Studio and stupid me

A really quick post because I am totally nerved now. Today I was just simply working on the project suddenly a error got up. And I couldn't get my game to running again. It was an error I didn't see before (in the debugging output) but the game ran but it was a blank screen. So I was 100% sure that it really is a loading libraries error. After 1 hour of nerves breaking and puzzling searching the net for solution I found out that there is an programming error. The game gut stuck in a never ending loop on the level loading that I totaly didn't expect. I am just so angry......

Oh well. I did do some things at least.

Stupid VS for showing me an not important error just in the same time I (really don't know how) made a programming error, and all made me think it is a VS problem. Well the coding error was, that it reads a level file till the end. But somehow it gets stuck if the level file is empty. WTF..

Good night. More updates tomorrow.

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