Friday, January 22, 2010

We go skiing

Hello there. Another week passed. It is friday night and I will go sleep soon because we go skiing tomorrow. The whole day. So I won't post any updates and logicaly won't work on the project. Maybe if some interesting pictures come out tomorrow I will post it :D I am not really good at skiing so I hope I won't kill myself. Oh well. 

I made progress on the game. The level editor is really nice to work with and core gameplay is smooth and as I want it to be. I made a little challenging level for me and like played it over 15 minutes. It is hard but addicting... you just want to make that jump right :D. I really like when I get this feeling. More types of blocks were added and still more will be. You cannot see them on the picture thou because they are the same color. 

Project image #2

I hope you like it. Kinda. IDK about the gfx. More updates on sunday.


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