Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some update #2

Yea I think it is #2 of the name "Some update". I am currently listening to the 1UP broadcast or whatever. It is 2 hours long and I like it. I don't have a link but google for it. The maker of Braid is in it. 

I survived yesterdays skiing. It was really nice. My friend took a picture of me trying to do some stuff and when I will get it I will post it. I couldn't get it today. :D

I did some work today on the project. Mainly some small but seeable tweaks to the graphics. I kinda like the look now I only need to get some backgrounds. I won't post a picture of it now. Tomorrow when I add a player spawning block in the level editor and a end of the level the game will be in an.... hmm... 0.5 version.. is that alpha or beta.. dunno. And some level editors will be good :D. I will make the main levels but the levels that other people will create will be put in the bonus stuff even in the main levels. Ok some user friendliness in the level editor has to be done :D. I will also make a "trailer" for the game to test my video editing skills again. I also need to make some tutorial levels with text to get the player into it.

That is all for now. Tomorrow is school ( hellish monday ) and here is a picture of me writing a blog post with the sticky notes included.


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