Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving blocks scratched

Hello. Bad news today. I scratched moving blocks in the game. Yea that is right. I had to make a decision. To waste like 5-10 more hours on them or delete them. I deleted all the code for them. So that means I threw away all todays work including like 5 hours of work from other days. That much because most of the fixing and all was related to the moving blocks. I also don't think that they are that important.

As this big problem is out of the way I can start working on much more content. Different types of blocks, more gameplay mechanics and stuff. I will really make this game the best till now. Secrets included :P

I work a lot on the game but I am kinda angry I had to delete much of hard work. But that is life. And moving platforms are a pain in the ass. Well they worked most of the time but you couldn't use them close to other blocks because of some conflicts.

I hope that great updates are coming tomorrow. 

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