Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project update #1

So here is the big project update. I sadly didn't post it yesterday but I took myself a lot of time to change the template (it isn't as easy as it sounds) and I counted that as an daily post :D I hope you like the it. It has only the simplest things needed not as the previous which had too many not needed stuff. I like this one 100x more.

( I like it so much I will post a picture of it :D)

Now about the project.

As I didn't post a picture of the game yet this is the first thing to do.

First thing to say is the graphics. The blocks are different colors so it was simpler for me to recognize them. The player need his arms also. Also a nice background must be made. I still don't know if I will stay with something like this or remake all the graphics. So I need some kind of feedback. I am not really got at gfx but if people won't like it I have a problem.

Not what is done on the gameplay. I took a lot of time to make the platforming as smooth as possible. Todays I was working with tweaks and bug fixes with it for about 2 hours. Because I constantly discover thing that could be better. But mainly bugs like going through a block at an angle. But that is all fixed now. The game controls mainly as I want to. Maybe I will make the movement a little slower because it is really hard to do dome movements at this speed. But the main thing is that the game is hard because the player can't make it and not because it is made badly.

Then we have the block. Normal blue blocks. The red ones are spiked one and the green ones are moving (you cannot see that on the image). But they work perfectly. As you can see there are glows out of the blocks. That is where you ran (touched them). I will probably use this, so you will gain slow motion power when moving where you still haven't. The level editor also works, as does the saving and loading of different levels. I also made an algorithm that checks if the block has a neighbour, so it doesn't put spikes or bounding line there. There are still a few easy types of block to be made: destroying, switching and some more. I will make it so that when you connect a moving block with other, all of them get the moving attribute. That way you can make different moving structures.

A lot is done till now and a lot more has to be done. But the progress is kinda good. I mainly want a feedback what you thing about all this.

Hmm these post take a long time to write. This was now like 40 minutes :D.

Good bye for now. Also check the new images on my flickr (link on the left) that I didn't post here.

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