Thursday, January 14, 2010

I won't break my promise [Update]

Here is the update of my yesterdays post. For the recap I posted it because I will keep up the at least 1 post a day.

So today I did some progress. It isn't really late now but I am going out with friends. Because of that I didn't finish 2 things on my checklist for today (hey it is friday night). But instead of that I fixed some really weird bugs I discovered.

Today I made a Flickr account. That means high quality images. Yessss. All the pictures go on the blog will be there. I also opened a category called programming, where I already posted 3 pictures about working on the project. I think I will do that daily because it is so simple. I hope you will like the pictures but warning they are about programming soooo. But I think that many of you will be interested. I will be posting the images with the flickr blog posting thingie.

I will now post the images from flickr. A more detailed project update coming tomorrow.



  1. you will post every day ? nice, how you make notes ? you painted them or there is some programm ?

  2. The notes are already in Windows 7. They are a really nice thing.

    Yea I will post everyday.

  3. lol stopped following your blog for a while.. looking forward to updates